manic monday indeed

Posted on Mar 07, 2011 under blahs |

What a way to start the week by getting embarrassed. Thanks to my shoe!
I left home for work earlier today as i had to meet a friend’s friend to hand in a gift. My friend is offshore so i had to run the errand. We met at BDO bank ‘eskina banawa’ branch. While walking crossing the streets from BDO to Chinabank and back, i already felt that something’s wrong with my shoes. After the short talk, i bid goodbye to the couple i met.

Then I walked to the nearby fast food shop. And there i almost tripped to the ground because the heel of the left shoe just gave up. The guard at Chowking saw me and i swear he’s about to laugh out loud. But at least he mustered enough control not to burst out laughing. It was so embarrassing! Thanks to my mother who came to rescue in about 15 minutes. I called her to bring me another pair of shoes. I was already embarrassed but i managed to pick my composure. I walked inside the store and put the detached shoe heel on top of the table as if nothing happened. LOL!

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