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In most offices, working 8hours/day is the most common. Guess we are not that conventional. We work 9.6hours/day from Mondays to Fridays. They say it’s a compressed work hour schedule. Well i think it’s better than having to work 8hours/day from Mondays-Saturdays. Then again, I’ve heard that the company just across ours is working only 8hours/day Mondays to Fridays. Wow!!! Isn’t that just awesome?

So, if we are to work 8hours/day in a particular week, it is a much appreciated delight - thanks to public holidays that fall on Saturdays. For this week’s case, thanks to “Araw Ng Kagitingan” or Valor Day.

Most of my colleagues are already out of the office as early as 2:00pm. You bet it right, by that time, I just arrived. Lol! :D See, after all, I’m not that conventional. :P

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