continuous education

Posted on Apr 10, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Competition is everywhere. Survival of the fittest as they say. So to keep us at par with our respective disciplines at work, continuous education would be a key factor. But busy as we are with our careers, sometimes it would almost seem unimaginable and not doable to juggle up work and school at the same time.

But worry not, for those of you who are still seeking to go to school to further your studies, there’s an online university you can rely on. After all, everything is almost online nowadays.

Talk about online, i gotta check my college alumni’s site and see if there’s any changes to my graduates’ course curriculum. I just wish there’s an online university i can change school to. Motivation may kick in and i might just get back to my master’s degree. Just when i think about it, i get lazy already. Lol! :D

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