i love pingpong!

Posted on Apr 10, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I’m never the athletic type. Not that i hate sports but i’m just not fond of them. However, i may be poor in sports but actually there are two ball games that i love to play. Bowling and pingpong. But i love pingpong (or table tennis) the most. It’s the only thing i’m interested in joining at the office whenever my colleagues would organize sportsfest or tournaments. Not that i’m really good at it? I probably suck at it but for me it is the most fun thing to do and the only sport i try to get my hands on. I actually have a racket so that whenever i have time, i get to play it sometime. I wanted to have a pingpong table outside our house but the area is too small. Then i see this newgy ping pong online. Oh my! It’s pingpong level up and i wanna have it! Geez! It’s really cool.

If i have this ping pong table, it would mean playing the sport often. And it would really be a plus since i get to exercise. I’m seriously thinking of ways on how can i have a table soon. Hahah! Is there a folding table available? There couldn’t be a mini table though? Lol!

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