who knows?

Posted on May 29, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I just bought a local celebrity magazine that featured the story of a young promising actor who passed away last April. Untimely demise as most people would say. He was groomed to become one of the most bankable actors of his time. In fact, the day after his sudden death, he was to appear in a lot of shows and photo shoots. A couple of movies and tele series were lined up for him. His family is well off i believe even before he became an actor so i assume he had a life insurance and such. At least it won’t be that hard for the family moneywise.

But more than anything else, as i read through the article, i now feel the sympathy of his fans and family. He was such a wonderful boy. He did great with his job and yet excels in his studies. And even by his looks, i can say that he is a nice being. I can still picture him in his role as a priest in an early evening tv series. He is a loss to his fans, colleagues and definitely to his family.

What a realization. We really cannot tell what is going to happen in the next 60 minutes or 60 seconds of our lives. Only someone from up above does know.

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