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skin outbreaks, et al

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I really don’t like it when i’m anticipating for something or if i’m anxiously waiting for something. It’s during these times that i get skin outbreaks. Just days before my trip to Singapore, i got pimples on my forehead and blackheads on nose that is definitely not pleasing to the eyes. And it doesn’t help that going to other places would mean me getting skin allergies of some sort. I can’t explain it but it does happen always. And when the trip’s over and i’m all home, the allergy would be gone in an instant. There must be an explanation for it only i can’t figure out. Lol!

gym time?

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Two people have invited me to enrol in fitness gyms already but to no avail. I’ve decline just the same. I don’t know. It’s probably me just being lazy or it’s probably because i’ve been to two gyms before and nada. I never finish any program and i won’t last a month. I just wasted my fees.

I never know that there are post-workout supplements one could take. That sounds awesome. If one would take both seriously, a very overwhelming result should deem be expected. Now, i’m having second thoughts. Then again, i’m always overthrown by my laziness. Duh! It’s pretty obvious you just have to know my weight. Lol!

hey you, i’m back!

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Hello there! Seemed to be very quiet here lately huh?

I just got back (actually last night) from my vacation in Singapore (side trip in Malaysia). Again and again, thanks to all my friends for the very warm accommodation. My trip would have not been as wonderful without them.

Back and forth, it took me the whole day to arrange my things in my bag. Haha! Time consuming eh. Then i’m always reminded to have name tags for my bags. I remember getting those just when i don’t have the time already. The next travel, i should be more than ready.

I will detail the whereabouts of my trip in the next few days. You just have to wait ok?

I have the pictures already from my friends’ camera but i feel so lazy to post them yet so that has to wait, too. :P Gotta suspend your excitement. (As if, you are that interested to see the photos, LOL!)