manic monday 06132011

Posted on Jun 13, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

The long weekend I anticipated didn’t happen. The President didn’t move the Independence Day holiday to Monday from Sunday. I was so looking forward to another day off since I have been really busy doing household chores. And it doesn’t help that i’m having stomach upsets again. Haay.

At least the next weekend will be a long weekend again. No work this coming Friday and Monday, so neat! I don’t have plans except for another round of household chores, this time doing my laundry. Sending them to laundry shop is the easiest and simplest answer but I hate that all clothes when they came back are wrinkled so bad! I’d have to spend more time on ironing then, which I hate doing by the way.

So, this coming weekend, all I really intend to do is pig out (assuming won’t have stomach problems anymore) and sleep, sleep, sleep. Or watch movies. :)

What about you? :)

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