my dilemmas

Posted on Jun 15, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

I’m listening to an old song entitled ‘let’s get physical’ and it got me thinking to actually do it. I mean you know run and exercise, anything I need to do to lose weight. Or I can just buy liporexall to put an end to my weight dilemmas.

Last week, I had to ask my sister who works in a retail store to buy me a new pair of pants. All of the pants that still fit me are all soiled and I tried to put on the rest of my pants, alas, can’t zip them! How about that?

I emptied one of my shirt boxes (storage) last weekend and half of them went to another bag I’m ready to distribute to my siblings and relatives. All because I can’t wear them anymore!

I’m just glad I got my new work uniform already so I need not worry about what to wear every day. I only have Fridays to deal with. The closest I can grab is a pair of jeans and polo shirt. Waahh! I’m kinda shabby lately. Lol! :D

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