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It’s so hard for me to wake up early and as if it’s not annoying enough to do that when you found out that there is no water supply! All the efforts you muster just to get out of bed are put to waste because you have no choice but to just go back to sleep again because you cannot take a bath. Or you could exercise while waiting but i don’t do that. Heheh!

Surely these stainless steel barrels at would occupy space in your bathrooms but they will come in handy for water storage in times when you run out of water. They are especially handy for households like ours who don’t own water tanks.

Before i get another bout of massive headache, i gotta snooze now and hope that when i wake up there is water i can actually use!

everything’s wired

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How convenient it is for most things today can now be bought or viewed online?

Even diagnostics health centers don’t require you to visit their facility again for your results. You just have to log on to their site and voila you got your lab results.

Gizmos and gadgets? All the more that you can buy them online. You can even shop online for rim of your mobile phones. So neat!

Now if only i can just work online at home. That would be the greatest that technology can hand me! :D

But i can just imagine how sedentary my lifestyle would be? Well, after all, matters always have two sides – the advantages and the disadvantages.


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Before the attendant from the check in counter finally handed me my boarding pass he asked me if i were pregnant. Waahhh! He said i hope i don’t mind but it’s just customary for them to ask the rather too personal question. I said no and smiled though i felt awkward.

I really need the aid of fat burners to lose weight and get rid of these unwanted fats. Must be customary for them to ask that annoying question to women whose stomachs are bulging… with fats unfortunately. :D

If i were slimmer, would they ask the same question? Hmnnn….