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My latest addiction? Orchids… in case you don’t know, they are flowers. Orchidaceous plant. LOL!

I got the fuchsia pink last time and it has now five flowers. I bought another one last night, it’s colored yellow with fuchsia in the middle. It has four flowers just yet. I bought the wrong pot as it’s bigger so i might have to buy another plant. :P

Will take pictures of if when all of the flowers have blossomed. :)

reminiscing Long Beach

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I’ve been to California once last 2004 during my business trip in Michigan. I had a friend who invited me to visit her. Lucky for me because it was a long weekend because of the holy week so i had a 3-day off/trip to California. She lived in Long Beach and if i’m not mistaken her place was not that far from Los Angeles so i got a chance to visit Disneyland and Universal Studios. There were still a lot of places to visit but the time was just not enough. Hopefully i get to visit her again. There are a lot of Filipinos in the area, i wonder if there are also Filipino nurses or health care workers in long beach drug alcohol rehab treatment center knowing that this is an excellent health care facility.

I haven’t heard from my friend for quite a while now. I just wish i get to keep in touch with her soon…

laidback day

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Last day and i’m back to reality. The four-day off from work is almost over. I feel dizzy just thinking about it. Lol!

The weather is quite gloomy today. I was gonna go out and walk my way to my friend’s house but it’s raining. Unlike yesterday the sun was all out shining makes me want to sport my short shorts and tee and my sneakers with most probably one of those cheap sunglasses i saw the other day in the malls. Then again i always keep forgetting that the sunny weather is tricking me. Might be warm looking but it’s actually cold out. It’s ok though, i’m beginning to like it.

I wanna go out but since i don’t have a car and i don’t drive, i’ll just wash my soiled clothes instead. Bummer i know! :D

busy weekend ahead

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Geez! I’m so busy with a lot of things lately i wonder when things will mellow down. My mind is so preoccupied with so many things, lots of things. It’s probably the reason why my headache never seems to stop these days. I’m not complaining, i’m just saying. I’m tired but i’m thankful. I welcome with all of my heart these changes in my life right now.

To ease my mind, it’s always a pleasure if friends take me to the malls. Even if i don’t buy anything it always relaxes me to roam around even in grocery stores. I found these Rocky Patel cigars and reminded me of my father. I’m sure he’d love it. I’ll probably buy some as a gift when i get home soon.

It’s going to be another busy weekend for me tomorrow. It’s going to be tiring i’m sure but i’m excited. So gotta scoot now and have a nice sleep.

Hope you all have a happy weekend. :)