laidback day

Posted on Nov 28, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

Last day and i’m back to reality. The four-day off from work is almost over. I feel dizzy just thinking about it. Lol!

The weather is quite gloomy today. I was gonna go out and walk my way to my friend’s house but it’s raining. Unlike yesterday the sun was all out shining makes me want to sport my short shorts and tee and my sneakers with most probably one of those cheap sunglasses i saw the other day in the malls. Then again i always keep forgetting that the sunny weather is tricking me. Might be warm looking but it’s actually cold out. It’s ok though, i’m beginning to like it.

I wanna go out but since i don’t have a car and i don’t drive, i’ll just wash my soiled clothes instead. Bummer i know! :D

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