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useless wishes

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I have lots of superficial wishes for myself. One of them is that i wish i have long curly lashes. I might consider using eyelash growth products if i can’t contain my frustration. Lol! But thanks to my friend who gave me a heated eyelash curler this Christmas, it’s surely a great lift. ;)

What could be some other wishes? That i wish i’m taller. Nah, i’d have to give up on that one. I think i’m at the ripe age when bones stop growing. Haha!

Have a happy Friday everyone… gotta scoot now!

i don’t want to drive :(

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I still don’t drive and i greatly depend on friends to get by. Thanks to them! One of these days i know i should get my own car as i don’t want to impose on anyone especially if they’re busy. Wish i could get an rv as there are rv loans i could check out. Nah just kidding! :D I’d have to find a car in the shade of pink though. :P

I still need to review some notes so that i could take the written exam. I plan to take the exam early next year. Hopefully i’ll make time for it and ace it! I dread the thought of taking the actual driving exam. I think i’d faint! Lol! Driving is never my thing. Duh!

reminiscing childhood years

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I notice that most of the kids today don’t spend much time playing outdoor games. When i was a little kid i had the time of my life running around and playing with my friends. I’d often come home dirty and mother would scold me but it was fun. I don’t even see kids play duncan yoyo now a days? I remember i used to play marbles and i used to climb trees. When i have my own kids, i’d let them play as much as they can and don’t just let them sit in the couch and watch tv or play computer games! I just wish i still have the energy to run after them when the time comes. Lol!

busy monday

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A box was waiting at my doorstep last night. I knew it was something from a friend because i didn’t expect any delivery. Indeed it’s a gift from a friend i fondly called Lola. A very sexy sleeveless blouse i don’t think i can wear it this time of the year as it’s very cold already. Yet she told me what for are those jackets? Lol! Yah crazy me. :P Thanks so much… :)

I wonder if staying inside steel buildings would be good or bad during the cold weather? At the office i still feel very cold most people have suggested i should get a personal heater. I will have to consider it as i really feel cold even if i’m wearing undershirts. Well, i should get those thermal stuff they all keep saying. :P

It’s a busy Monday for me… it’s never going to get any cozier until the end of the month but hey i’m still grateful. :)

You all have a nice week ahead. :)