busy monday

Posted on Dec 20, 2011 under blahs, my thoughts with infos |

A box was waiting at my doorstep last night. I knew it was something from a friend because i didn’t expect any delivery. Indeed it’s a gift from a friend i fondly called Lola. A very sexy sleeveless blouse i don’t think i can wear it this time of the year as it’s very cold already. Yet she told me what for are those jackets? Lol! Yah crazy me. :P Thanks so much… :)

I wonder if staying inside steel buildings would be good or bad during the cold weather? At the office i still feel very cold most people have suggested i should get a personal heater. I will have to consider it as i really feel cold even if i’m wearing undershirts. Well, i should get those thermal stuff they all keep saying. :P

It’s a busy Monday for me… it’s never going to get any cozier until the end of the month but hey i’m still grateful. :)

You all have a nice week ahead. :)

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