if i were an instrument

Posted on Apr 18, 2012 under my thoughts with infos |

I have been really busy the past days… and until now i’m still not feeling well. It’s a day to day struggle and sometimes i wanna give up but who am i kidding? I think i’m not seriously ill i’m just paranoid thought it’s a fact that i have some major health issues. Anyhow, i am surviving and with God’s grace I will be okay.

People in the office inspire me in most ways. There are the gym buffs, the sports buffs, the food buffs and the music buffs. Not too difficult to guess i would be more interested in the food stuff! Lol! Have a colleague who is great with guitars in fact he is teaching some other colleagues to play it. Cool! But inasmuch as i would like to hear someone play the guitar, i have this thing on guitars. Probably because i see that beating the drums is more stress relieving that strumming the chords! Then again i’m a music ignoramus and know nothing about musical instruments. But… but say i would want one of these drums that i saw online? Would you concur? They’re super cool right? :)

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