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pink knickknack 007

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Oh so lovely. Not mine but would love to own this pendant someday. The pendant speaks Ylan soooo loudly. :P

Add this to my latest crushes. ;)

pink knickknack 006

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Just one of my pink slippers… don’t you love its pink flowery design? So spring! Haha! As if we have spring season here.

I can’t find these slippers too! The house is really a mess. Sigh. :(

pink knickknack 005

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This pink slippers of mine is nowhere to be found!!! Arrghhh that’s why i hate it when people (i mean my mean sisters!) just get your stuff without asking permission. Huhuh!

And my mother would say, you have lots of other slippers! And i say, i want the pink one! LOL! :D

pink knickknack 004

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It’s rainy season (tad bit early for it though) but we can’t stop nature from flowing its course. The saddest part is that it wont rain when you have an umbrella with you and it pours when you don’t.

Because of the mood swings of the weather, its no surprise that we get sick! Colds, runny nose, watery eyes.. ah you don’t like that. But when you do have it — here’s the cutest tissue paper you can use. Hehe! :)

pink knickknack 003

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Accompanied mother to the store to buy her Manita a gift. Her Manita asked for clothes hanger. While checking out the items on the rack, saw these pink hangers. Perfect! I bought one set for myself. Haha! :D

pink knickknack 002

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A yummy way to cool down my temper - a dose of this pink ice cream. ;) And you can even recycle the plastic cup. Lol!

I have a sweet tooth… so yes, ice creams are a delight! :)

pink knickknack 001

Posted on Aug 27, 2010 under anything pink, pink knickknacks | 1 Comment

I love pink. The blog layout and blog domain speak for it. And I have lots of knickknacks that are in shade of pink. So, i decided to post my pink stuff here. Just for the sake of fun. ;)

Here’s my first entry.

sewing tools

I found this sewing tool box really cute. Not only it comes in pink, the cute teddy bear print is so cute! I bought it and since i don’t really need sewing tools every time, i used it as my headband storage. Heheh! :D (headbands, i always wear it when i run, which by the way i don’t do anymore for the past 2 months, lazy eh!)

Pink Friday 24 ~ pink baby dresses

Posted on Feb 26, 2010 under anything pink, pink fridays | 1 Comment


Aren’t they cute? These are the dresses i gave to my goddaughter, Janna, during her 1st birthday celebration last January. I bought it on the day of the party so i took a picture of the dresses while i was queueing at the counter. I just used my cellphone so as not to attract attention from the cashiers. :D I always find it easier to scout gifts for baby girls than baby boys.

Pink Friday 23 ~ pink beauty paraphernalias

Posted on Jan 08, 2010 under anything pink, pink fridays | 2 Comments


My first entry for Pink Fridays this 2010. I’m not gifted with naturally straight hair thus i seek refuge from hair straightening irons and hair blowers. I do fix my hair when i have the ample time before going to work or going out. That’s why i super lover this pink hair knickknack set! :)

Pink Friday 22 ~ cute dress

Posted on Nov 27, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | 2 Comments


Lovely dress eh! And the equally lovely lady wearing it is Megan Smith (Joanna Garcia) of the TV series Privileged (2008). I so love the series and most of the characters in this show. But to my dismay, this show is axed after season 1. I love Megan and Will’s (Brian Hallisay) love team. *sigh.

I’m not so much of a Gossip Girl fan but i’m gonna have to watch this show especially season 3 because of Joanna’s appearances. I find her simple but very pretty and endearing. You should watch Privileged (even if they’re on for one season only)!