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In most offices, working 8hours/day is the most common. Guess we are not that conventional. We work 9.6hours/day from Mondays to Fridays. They say it’s a compressed work hour schedule. Well i think it’s better than having to work 8hours/day from Mondays-Saturdays. Then again, I’ve heard that the company just across ours is working only 8hours/day Mondays to Fridays. Wow!!! Isn’t that just awesome?

So, if we are to work 8hours/day in a particular week, it is a much appreciated delight - thanks to public holidays that fall on Saturdays. For this week’s case, thanks to “Araw Ng Kagitingan” or Valor Day.

Most of my colleagues are already out of the office as early as 2:00pm. You bet it right, by that time, I just arrived. Lol! :D See, after all, I’m not that conventional. :P

just another one

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Another team member is resigning. This means, another round of training to be done for another new intake (replacement). Goodness! This is getting crazy and tiring! So annoyingly tiring!

There has to be a long term action on this matter. Otherwise, it’s a repetitious cycle that is going nowhere.

Regular employees are becoming less in number. Hire contractuals, yet they too are diminishing. What does that imply to you? Somebody should get to the bottom of this issue and find a sound answer. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.


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We had a pictorial earlier for our new ID. It’s not the company ID but ID for the zone. Meaning to say we now have two identification cards to wear at work.

Just when we have the pictorial, a big pimple sprouts below my nose. It’s a bit annoying and i hope it wasn’t captured. Lol! I need to get rid of these pimple scars on my forehead too. I have a party to attend to by middle of November.

Do i sound too vain? Not really, who would not want to look good on pictures? I know I do. :D

the plague continues

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In relation to my previous post, just another two of my colleagues in the department bid goodbye today. I learned about colleague#1 because my friend told me about it. My friend knew it because a very special person in her life will be joining this colleague#1 soon. I learned about colleague#2 myself. I talked to him this afternoon and asked him to help us with the programming tool when the project is already up and i jokingly added if of course by that time he’s still around. Oh my gosh! He said, yeah today is my last day. So, he has decided. He was just contemplating per his last status in the social media site. Surprise! Well at least i get to say goodbye and goodluck. Colleague#1 was almost my batchmate. I was just ahead for about a month. And i remember we were talking about resignation sometime ago. Maybe at the time, he’s already on the works. Heheh.

There should be some cheap insurance out there. It’s really high time the company start considering changing the coverage. By changing, i meant improving the coverage of our insurance benefits.

My friend who told me about colleague#1? Of course she’ll also leave anytime. Say a little after the special person in her life does? Hahah now i’m so cheesy! :D

more benefits please

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Even until now, the smell of the krakens, as my officemates would call, is still very appalling. In fact some of them aren’t too discrete about it. They are very well open to let people know that they are in search for another job.

I really can’t blame them. In my opinion, aside from the salary structure, one of the contributing factors why associates leave is the pitiable benefits. I have been with the company for 9 years and nothing had been changed. Well, there is change. But instead of adding more, it’s the opposite. Married women are especially concerned because they are not getting any health benefits when they get pregnant and deliver their babies. It’s probably high time management should consider other medicare supplement plans so that employees maybe encouraged and motivated to stay.

I say, employees won’t complain and won’t look for other opportunities if they are getting those benefits. I seriously hope that they are seriously looking unto this matter. And not just making mere promises.

making my list already

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Ops! I did mention about the Christmas party at work right? And I also mentioned about our exchange gifts or what we commonly call as Kris Kringle. Here’s another item to be added in my wish list! What else but a slimming wrap for my goal of losing weight. So please – friends, colleagues and maybe foes (do I have any?), just support my cause and get me what I want. Demanding too much? Not really, I just want to get back to my old self, when I was only about 108lbs. My weight now? Don’t bother asking. :P

If I’m not mistaken, I usually get what I write in my list. We’ll see for this year… that if I decide to join. :P

is it me or just the weather?

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Of course you know that Christmas starts as early as September for us. Last Sunday after the fun run, I happen to be in Colon because i took the wrong jeepney. It was ok though because I get to do a little window shopping in the bazar. Ok I did manage to buy 3 items. I wanted to buy more but I didn’t bring enough money. (Read: I don’t have money.) It’s still around 8:45am so most of the shops weren’t open yet. Then I heard a very famous Christmas song which reminded me of my elementary days. Then of the gifts I should be preparing for my godchildren. Whew!

Late this afternoon, I heard my officemate asking for volunteers for the Christmas party committee. Wow! They’re already planning for the party. I might as well start on my wish list. Can I have diet pills dear colleagues? Ok, running gears will do. Seriously, a shirt will do. Our gift giving/exchanging of gifts is quite different. All the participants will list down some 3 items in her wish list. It’s up to the giver if she/he’ll grant the wish of the person she had drawn.

But it feels a little different for me this year. I’m contemplating whether to join the party or not. What’s up with that?

back to work

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I just got back to work today. I was absent Monday and Tuesday as I was coughing like crazy over the weekend. I managed to join the fun run last Sunday but at night I was having a hard time breathing already. I hate this. When I start having colds, it usually ends up with cough and the doctor said it’s not correlated. Or I just don’t understand what he said then.

Since I’ve been home most of the time doing nothing except eating, my weight is getting impossible. I’d like to understand what is this hoodia gordonii all about. I want to consider taking diet pills and I’ve heard, it’s one of the most common ingredients found in those supplement pills. And truly, understanding what you’re taking is quite a sensible thing to do.

My stomach’s upset right now. Not sure if it’s because I’m hungry or because there’s an issue in one of my projects at work. What a welcome! Huh!

uneventful long weekend

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I’m enjoying the long weekend. Nothing much going on to fully utilize the long weekend but i’m glad to be just at home and not at the office. I have been hoping that the end of Ramadan will fall on a Friday so that it’s going to be really a long weekend. Cebu is already off by Thursday for the Osmena Day holiday.

In times like this, it can’t be helped that i think about not working anymore. I think i’m already drained from working for the same company for the last 9 years. Is it my work? the working environment? the people i’m working with? I don’t know. I’m probably just jaded. Of the things happening around me. They’re just so obscure!

Though home based business is a good idea, i don’t think i’m good in handling business. It’s just not my cup of tea. So, maybe, it is just a choice between two things for me. Gather enough inspiration or motivation for that matter so my lazy ass would think of getting to work come Monday or maybe it’s high time i should get another job. (Question is – where? where? where?) What do you think? Maybe if they happen to read this, they will scrap me off with their plans in a zest, if ever i’m included in their plans to begin with. They had scrapped me off already, anyways, so. Boo!

on safety rules

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Catastrophes are inevitable. Bad things could happen at any given time. But being prepared and having the proper knowledge on what to do when calamities happen can at least lessen the damage and losses. That’s why i believe it’s important that we, employees, should strictly and heartily follow and obey any safety drills conducted within the company premises. Even simply following exit signs can do so much in implementing safety rules.

During company safety drills, i think it’s better if it is unannounced. When people know it is just a drill, they tend not to follow instructions. Why bother when it is just a drill? If it is unannounced, people will act by instincts and it is by this nature that the safety committee can very well assess its safety programs. As a leader, there’s this one thing for us to do when a fire (for example) happens. That i should go and secure an attendance checklist at the guardhouse - that is to check the headcount. If ever something would happen, i don’t think i would still be in my right mind to ever go to the guardhouse and ask for this checklist! Isn’t that funny?