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long weekends, short week

Posted on Jun 05, 2010 under blahs at work, my thoughts with infos | No Comment

There’s nothing much exciting going on at the office to be excited about. With some colleagues leaving, it’s neither a good thing to celebrate about, at least for us who are left behind. Somehow, i’m excited about the two long weekends we’re going to enjoy week after next. The aid of Lipovox would be maybe needed since i’m sure to be pigging out!

July 12 is a national holiday, but since it’s a Saturday, it will be moved to Monday. June 17 is a holiday in Lapulapu but in order to maximize company operation, it will be moved to June 18, Friday. In essence, for next next week, we’ll only have 3 working days. Yey! Sweet! At least i’ll be away from work for some extra days. Been having headaches lately. Tsk.

wishlist and kris kringle

Posted on Nov 21, 2009 under blahs at work, my thoughts with infos | No Comment

I contemplated on whether i’ll join our kris kringle at the office or not. It’s creepy actually because i always, always join activities for Christmas. Eventually i joined and came up with a very meaningful codename. Hahah! Now that i’ve joined, there will come a wishlist where i’ll have to put my wish. Not to the truest sense cause you will never actually get what you really wish for. Even if i wish for refurbished laptops perhaps, it’s not going to happen unless my Manito is that rich nor generous. Anyways, i’m excited to see the list. People are sometimes outrageous when asking for gifts and giving codenames. :D

Happy weekend. Finally, i can have my much needed rest.

tuesday blues

Posted on Aug 25, 2009 under blahs at work | No Comment

The Monday blues continued today. I don’t know i just feel so bored. Everything’s dragging. Maybe because i really don’t have an actual work load to work on these days as the next software release is of next week yet. Or it’s probably because the long weekend’s taking it’s toll on me! Well, i should take advantage of the sober days.

dragging day

Posted on Aug 18, 2009 under blahs at work, life in the office | No Comment

Everybody’s busy preparing for the ISO/TS 16949 audit. Well, the audit has started yesterday and our department is scheduled tomorrow. Just as soon as i arrived at work today, i was torn between using an old or new training checklist form. Tsk! Just one of the many things to be mindful of.

I so wanted to be absent tomorrow but for the love of LC, i shall be present. Not that i’d be audited but who knows?

I’m still at work right now and i wanna go home badly. My friend (Pai) gave me the copy of Ugly Betty season 3 episodes 17-24 already. I can’t wait to go home and watch it!!! Thank you very much Pai, you’re such an angel! :P

So yeah, goodluck to our department for tomorrow’s audit.