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The Husband That I Never Had

Posted on Jul 06, 2007 under blahs, events | 5 Comments
Today is my scheduled annual physical exam. This is a requirement in the office and i’m happy that i’m already done with it a few hours ago. I went through the tests smoothly unlike last year which was horrible. I get to pee immediately for my urine sample then the nurse took my blood sample at once. The nurse last time had to draw blood from both my arms. It was painful and my arms were swollen for days. I finished the exam today in just an hour or so. Hurray!

Anyways, back to my title. I was watching Games Uplate last night and the sexy host (Jaymee Joaquin) said she idolized Kurt Cobain and that he was the husband she never had. As for my case, actor Collin Farrell is the husband that i never had. LOL! :P


amo ta ni anak dah lol!

By the way, we had icecream earlier too, courtesy of our former officemate Ken. Here’s us:

events and etcetera

Posted on Jun 19, 2007 under events | 8 Comments
Hmnnn I kind of owe this blog a long entry. I’d have to retract some happenings from the previous months that i failed to post. I sort of become a forgetful person lately. Hence, i take the time today to log things that had transpired from early quarter of this year to date. Pictures will help me reminisce when i get old! LOL! (granting this blog’s still up and running) So brace yourself… here’s a marathon of picturesssss to share.

March 23, 2007: Meloy’s birthday in Neoneo in Mabolo

the celebrant
labrats wore red against the mice? :P
the gurls when he’s awake
the gurls when he’s dreaming! hahah!

May 04, 2007: Farah’s despidida party in Vistamar. Farah’s my former officemate who now resides in New Zealand with her family.

farah and sig (also a former officemate)

May 10, 2007: Mulay’s wedding in Grand Covention. Mulay and I share the same birthdate, only that I’m a year older.

“hailed most beautiful” part 2! hahah!
inside the UCCP church
too many cameras, confused where to look at :P
ninong si jig! :P

May 18, 2007: Ate’s last section meeting with us and ‘bring to work your kid day’ in the office.

busy with the CE summer party preparation at the same time (see archives for the entry)
meloy and her “pamana” from ate hehe
aisah with her cd
me too got a cd (gotta be a goodgirl coz it’s a christian album)
oopps neither is my kid! don’t get the wrong idea! :P

May 28, 2007. Ate Rachel’s despidida party part 1 in Chikahan Resto (our treat). Ate’s my Lead Engineer since i started working with Lear. Been under her for the past 6 years. (yeahh that long!)

apas mi Singapore te! heheh!

June 01, 2007. Ate Rachel’s despidida party part 2 in Park Tower 2 Garden near Ayala (her treat). Her family moved to Singapore already. Her husband was my former officemate too.

for more pics, CLICK HERE!

June 08, 2007. Burg’s wedding, reception’s at Grand Convention same with Mulay.

the only photo we had with the couple (late man gud mi :P)
oiiii :P
wala lang, nahan lang ko ani nga shot lol!
from gabriel to burgs to splat? (kaw na next??)
sexy moms
just striking a pose
after the reception, i watched ‘Paano Kita Iibigin’ (heheh!) with pai, jonax and rai while these 3 got drunk! LOL! :P

June 10, 2007. Long weekend for us (no work) so Glorie and her cousin Gingging and I went to Argao.

i went to carcar only to buy this cute tsinelas hahah! :)
glorie and i, more argao pics, CLICK HERE!

June 14, 2007. Ken’s despidida at Tongs in Marina Mall.

hoist ken look at the camera! you’re holding your tears noh? :P
nalingaw ko sa cute potato balls! :)
banned from entering the resto again! (grabee man mukaon! LOL!:D)
busog na mih :)

June 15, 2007. Dennis’ last day in the office. He’s our former department manager-turned-program manager. He went back to Manila to be with his family.

godbless big D! you sure will miss the great ED team! :P
nice among sandals noh? trip lang namo magpareha ;)
ikaw puli nya greg? :D
listen to the speech not strike a pose!

June 15, 2007. Newbies’ treat to the oldies? :) Pizza time, most favorite time. :)

kiat ra gyud among nawng basta kaon! :P


nothing, cute lang ang pic mao akong ipost! hahahah! me & seatmate romelyn :)

So if you noticed, most of the photos are all goodbyes. Sad but life must go on. I will always cherish the memories i had with them and the knowledge they have shared… farewells, welcoming the newbies, weddings - let’s celebrate life!

denden’s wedding

Posted on Apr 13, 2007 under events | 14 Comments
The wedding of Leslie (see previous entry) is tomorrow already in Bacolod, unfortunately i cannot be there… best wishes from all of us Les. (as if she can read this :P)

Yet, I attended another wedding last Wednesday, that of Denden, still my colleague. We went to the same school in college but he’s two years my senior. (wala gani ko ato kabutar niya sa supreme student council election heheh) I only came to personally know him when I was already working. (Tish & Riz, sorry naunhan namo! nyahahah! aw ok ra diay, naa naman jeff si riza and ikaw tish naa naman ka gonzalo, lol! :D)

sacred heart church

couple with the groom’s family, look how cute Denden’s four sisters ;)

mitch & denden: happy together :)

cute noh?? :P

So as usual, my entry will not be complete without our cute faces! kablam! klog! klog! (the sound of the thunder! heheh)

girlalush with jai & expat roger

aw funny pose diay nih! hek hek

twetewww legs! :P

splat: the deranged guest! hehe peace!

mahangin sa labas?

pimp splat with his hookers! LOL!

splat, ayaw ug palag sa among posing! :P

whatever lang! :P

the telenovela pose 1

pose 2! bwehehehe!

bonitas macelle & charo

sexy momma meloy

naay nagsamoksamok sa akong posing! tsk! tsk!

jai -> mr. congeniality

with the ever smiling groom! :P (gamay lang ang naka-attend :()

chateau de busay, nice!

cebu city at night

Ok… done… posted enough pics… :)

P.S. One person who would have not missed the gathering is Jonalyna (currently on Spain assignment). The only person who can amusingly address Denden as “Gaudencioooo!” or “Hoy Gaudencio!”….. hahahaha…

the "saga" continues…

Posted on Mar 14, 2007 under events | 4 Comments
Haayyy i’m back to my usual life again. I’d have to commute everyday na naman! waahhhh! Lloyd, my officemate and driver (hehehe) left already. Seriously, Lenny and I had a carpool arrangement with Lloyd. He’d fetch/drop us in Eskina Banawa. Routine’s changed since Lloyd has resigned and Lenny’s husband is on assignment here on Cebu. Waahhh ako na lang usa! waahhhh!!!!! :( :( :(

us last march 2 - lloyd’s despida

roger with the couple gabby-lenny & mark-lloyd hehehe (duklan gyud ko ron)

splat murag kamo ni cleng ang couple heheh :P

pakapin pic sa shower ni miga daryl =)

february highlights

Posted on Feb 21, 2007 under events | 12 Comments
So, i’ve been really preoccupied with work lately tsk… Aside from the irksome work, i’ll have to jot down some happenings that transpired in the last couple of days.
February 14. Heart’s Day. Just like last year, the “Atlanticans” held the super uber valentine get-together. Murag pasko, naa gyuy exchanging of gifts. har har har.
our cutty gifts, nice ang pink tsinelas noh? :)

the atlanticans

i got the biggest pink buttefly in the whole wide world hehehe :P

their hearts match and i mean literally, the paper hearts heheh!

welcome back to cebu charot :)

dili gyud mi camera shy…

After office hours some of us went to IT Park and dined at RaiRai Ken, a Japanese Resto. Almost all of the shops in the area were jampacked surprisingly not just with couples but just with bunch of crowd chilling. That works to our advantage, no romantic couples dating to envy for! wahahaha! :D

i just like the calamares out of this variety

i like california maki

arvin (charo’s my frend), lenny, me, charo, mark, jona

February 8. I took the day off and attended my friend Daryl’s wedding. I’m so happy for Daryl. I met Daryl through Charo. Charo’s my officemate and she’s Daryl’s bestfriend in college. (Chang, kita anih? kanus-a man? nyahahaha!)

daryl and jan and the pink cake :)

the couple with daryl’s kaberks in college

reception - the poolside in Vistamar

at the church - Gethsemane in Mandaue

me and angie - the emcees. o di ba, camouflage ko sa table! lol!

muhirit gyud ug posing noh? :P

We have around 5 expats from Spain right now. Geezzz friars! geezzzz… nanunumbalik sa aking alaala ang mga panahong sinakop tayo nuun ng mga kastila ng 333 taon… heheheh…