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eyeball with Darlene

Posted on Jul 22, 2008 under eyeball | 6 Comments
Last July 19, I met in person another fellow blogger who’s also a member of Bisdakplanet. The meeting place? Not your conventional meeting areas i.e. malls, restaurants or bars. We met in the hospital! Yes folks, we met in the hospital. She hails from Utah but has decided to come home and deliver her 2nd baby here in Cebu. The last info i got from her was that she’s going to have her baby through caesarian delivery on the 8th of August at 7:00am in Succour Hospital. But i was surprised when she texted me friday evening that she already delivered her baby and that she was confined in Cebu Doctors Hospital instead. So, by Saturday evening, Glorie (also a blogger) and I visited her and see each other for the first time. I’m surprised even more! She looks bigger in pictures but in reality, she’s so petite i can very well comprehend why she has to go through caesarian delivery. But she’s very tough, she doesn’t seem to have undergone an operation or something. :) Well, let’s give her the credit of telling us her birthing story…

baby D.M., even from a far, she looked adorable!

Maricel (Glorie’s friend), yours truly, Weng (Darlene’s friend), Darlene, Glorie

exchange places hehe

the bisdaks - Ylan, Darlene, Glorie

Darlene and I, I and Darlene

Glorie and Darlene

certified bloggers

weehh kinsa kaha sunod manganak! hehe!

Darlene, so far, is the person with the longest hair that i know of. Taas kaau sya hair promise! :P

To Darlene, congrats again for the new born baby. It’s nice to have finally met you in person.

And by the way, Glorie and I did not agree on the color of our blouses. Me? In pink? That’s not new. Well, well, well, look at her! She’s always nagging me to stop wearing pink but she’s imitating me wearing pink all the time!!!! What’s up with that? :P

eyeball with Chikai

Posted on May 07, 2008 under bisdakplanet, eyeball | 9 Comments
This post is the continuation to my previous entry on meeting another Bisdakplanet member.

Glorie and I picked up Chikai and her husband at Pier 6 last April 29 at around 9:00pm. Since it was a bit late, we were left with few choices on where to eat. So we ate our dinner at NeoNeo Grill in Mabolo. We then just toured around the city (Waterfront, Paseo, IT Park, Mango Avenue) for an hour or so. Glorie and I thought that the couple must be tired from the entire boat trip from CDO.

The following night, I invited Chikai to watch the movie When Love Begins but of course she could not leave her husband alone. Well, men don’t usually like drama-lovestory movie and Tagalog at that! So, i went ahead and watch the movie with my officemates (planned 2 weeks ahead). Glorie was out busy with her business. I watched the last full show by the way because we did not make it to the 7pm showing. It was too late for a night out for Glorie, Chikai and I. Sorry Chikai for that but we hope you enjoyed your short visit here in Cebu. It was really nice meeting her in person. She is pretty and warm as she is in her blog :)

Glorie, Chikai & husband James

obyus ba na wala mi gigutum? :D

wala mi lain maposingan! salamat sa tanom heheh!
Glorie, Chikai & Ylan

‘Till the next EBs…

2nd eyeball with Genalyn

Posted on Nov 07, 2007 under blahs, eyeball | No Comment
Last September 29, we had no work because of local elections. Genalyn, a friend from Luxembourg whom i met through the internet is in town. (She’ll be leaving tomorrow back to Lux) Glorie and I were just waiting for her go signal as to when and where to meet. Finally, we had our 2nd meeting last Monday. She was also here last year in December. It was really nice seeing her again. I will have to post more photos from Glorie when they’re available. For the meantime, please settle for these not too clear photos taken from my camera. :) (Shoots, all of the pics are blurred! arggh!)

glorie, genalyn, patrick (her husband), patric’s friends, me (right most)

genalyn and me inside Sunflower :)

Bisdaks, watch out for more photos next time. :)

4 in a row: meeting with Alice

Posted on Aug 07, 2007 under eyeball, food | 4 Comments
Yesterday, it was a special non-working holiday in the Province of Cebu (charter day? not sure of the exact proclamation name). Alice from Sweden, also a member of Bisdakplanet wasn’t able to make it during our previous get together. She’s pregnant and couldn’t stay out late at night. Yesterday, Kookie, Glorie and I met up with her in SM Mall. :)

group pic take 1! :P

us in Sunburst, with Ainsley and Alice’s sister

bisdaks take 1! hehe!

the bisdaks: alice, glorie, kookie, me

alice & kookie

ainsley & glorie

kookie & me

madame president glorie heheh! :D

pansit canton (ukaya sa usa nimo makita ang pansit nyahaha!)


shanghai mo diha!?

ako, confused na sab kung mukaon ur mutabi! :P

It’s really nice meeting all the bisdaks… hopefully, i can get to meet more of them in the future. :)

Disco @ Sunflower

Posted on Aug 03, 2007 under events, eyeball | 7 Comments
The eyeball wasn’t just over yet! :P Last Wednesday, August 1, Coco and Amy (Frenchie) met for the first time in person. We went to Sunflower and shaked our butts! ;) (Tess and Tish, you missed the fun! and also Alice and Norwin) :P

Here are our beautiful photos! ;)

gorgeous ladies: amy and coco

ainsley, glorie, charo

ainsley, glorie, coco, me, amy

coco, amy, me, amy’s sis-in-law

charo, coco, me, amy

charo and glorie

glorie, amy and SIL, coco

amy and SIL, me and coco

with Christina (Coco’s pretty daughter)

with Coco’s nieces

O diba lingaw?! :)

Dinner @ Gerry’s Grill

Posted on Aug 03, 2007 under events, eyeball, food | 3 Comments
Last July 30 was even more fun when 3 other bisdaks joined in the eyeball/get together. We met around 8:00pm outside Ratsky Bar and decided to go upstairs and have our dinner at Gerry’s Grill. We were so noisy! :D

me, glorie, ainsley, norwin, tess, tish, coco, nymfa

Here are more pics to share:

pose while waiting to be served

yummy pusit, crispy pata and bangus

seafood rice and bulalo

tish’ birthday? LOL!

hehe murag true!

coco, norwin

coco, norwin, doc tess

norwin, doc tess, tinytish

tish and her friend nymfa

igatatious glorie :P

glorie and ainsley (feeling bisdak)

me, confused kung mukaon or magtabi! :D

The after-effect:

crispy pata, napa sya unod oi!

kawawang bangus

pashy-shy gibinlan ug gamay

lami gyud ang shredded adobo ;)

o di ba sinaw??? nyahaha!

So, ’till next eyeball? ;)

The First Meeting

Posted on Aug 01, 2007 under events, eyeball, food | 9 Comments
Last Sunday, July 29, I finally met in person the one lady from Michigan whom i fondly call Lola. What the heck! The sexiest Lola i could ever probably have! LOL! :P

Here are some photos taken at Ayala Mall. :)

the sweetest Kookie in town ;)

glorie and me, mga mini nga apo! LOL!

glorie, me, chai, ainsley

basta bisdak unsa gani to? :D

o di ba? :)

Bisdakplanet members in the pics: Me, Glorie & Kookie/Coco (Lola)

Watch out for the next set of pics… taken in Ayala. :P

P.S. I almost forgot, I also have another Lola from Belgium, she’s equally sexy! I haven’t heard from her though since i met her last 2004 or 2005 :(