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Posted on Oct 12, 2008 under blahs, food | 14 Comments
Was in the mall with friends then I saw this shop selling breads. It’s basically a bakeshop in the mall. I asked my friend - will they gain enough? just selling bread alone? inside the mall, rental of space per square meter cost thousands? and in North Wing at that? To satisfy my curiosity, we went to the bakeshop and was very very surprised to discover the prices of the breads sold. And i was pretty convinced that they sure will gain more than enough! I think there’s no bread that costs less than 25.00 pesos.

Here’s why. I bought 3 pieces of bread - 2 garlic bread, 1 (i forgot the name) another bread and it cost me 133.00 pesos! But yes, the bread tasted so good. Even if it’s quite expensive, i went back a week after to buy again garlic bread and tried some other kind of bread. I bought 5 pieces and it cost me 173.00 pesos. Tonight, i still can’t contain my craving for the garlic bread. I bought 4 - that’s 2 garlic bread, 1 eggstraordinary and 1 golden raisin. It cost me 131.00 pesos. Personally, i think it’s too expensive. Well, it must go with the taste and the place.

I chitchatted with the cashier and i learned that the bakeshop’s main branch is in Singapore. And if I wanted to drink coffee, i’d just go to the adjacent coffee shop and i can eat my bread there free of corkage. The two shops have the same owner/s.

Maybe, if i just go to the bakeshop near our house, my 100.00 pesos will take me home a lot of bread. Hehe :P

brownie monster

Posted on Jan 16, 2008 under blahs, food | No Comment
I’m a certified brownie monster. Last December, an officemate sold brownies and naturally i bought a couple of boxes. I intended it to be eaten at home during Christmas. While working, the boxes or shall we say plastics of brownies were right within my sight tempting me to eat it right there and then. Well, what do you know? I consumed almost 1 box even before i went home! LOL! :D

mango shake for me please

Posted on Nov 09, 2007 under blahs, food | 1 Comment
If you are constantly with me when dining out, you will surely notice that more often than not - my order for drinks is a mango shake. Not just any mango shake but it has to be a ripe mango shake for I don’t like the green mango. If the restaurant doesn’t have the mango shake, my second option would be the banana shake. If it still doesn’t have the banana shake, i’d go for the 4 seasons juice. Worst case scenario, cola drinks will do. Since, i have been drinking mango shakes all the time it makes no difference anymore whichever restaurant i go to. But last time, i tried the mango shake from a jap restaurant that Splat recommended. Wow! It tasted very good! Yummy! :)

lami sya!

o di ba, my favorite combo hehe

puede ra gyud ko pakan-on ug loglog permi :P

macapuno candies

Posted on Nov 05, 2007 under blahs, food | 4 Comments
Well, what do you know? Long weekend and most of my coworkers went home to their provinces. Of course, a lot of “pasalubongs” to munch when they come back. Special as i am (lol!), i always get macapuno candy from my seatmate. She hails from Bacolod City and macapuno is just one of the many delicacies of the place.

want some?

spice fusion

Posted on Oct 30, 2007 under blahs, food | 2 Comments
Went to Banilad Town Center last Saturday with Glorie and our other friend. Among the many restaurants in the area, i’ve only tried in Krua Thai. So, it was a great experience trying out another restaurant - Spice Fusion. Ahmmn their food is superb. I’m just frustrated with the dessert that we ordered. Thank you very much Mr. A for treating us to dinner.

all yummy!

prawns, my fave

the opposite of what i expected,
thought of one banana with lots of icecream!

plantation bay

Posted on Oct 28, 2007 under blahs, food | 2 Comments
I went to Plantation Bay for the 3rd time last Friday. I was with Glorie and her friend. Well, technically, he’s my friend too. Nice guy just like her friend Madame Phoebe. :) We dined out at a japanese restaurant in Plantation. Here are some photos to share.

death by chocolate

Posted on Oct 02, 2007 under blahs, food | No Comment
Death by chocolate. Hmnnn aint that a hip way to die? LOL! I’ll think about it! Seriously, this phrase ‘death by chocolate’ got the curiosity in me when i read it in the desserts’ list of Casa Verde restaurant. It sound very interesting, do you agree? I asked the waiter what it is made of? She said, it’s a cake covered by ice cream. Unhesitatingly I said i’ll order it. I hurriedly ate my dinner because i was already anxious about my dessert. I was a little disappointed when my order arrived. Contrary to what the waiter said, it looked more of a chocolate icecream covered by cake? I was literally only eating chocolate icecream only it has chocolate coatings. Fine, i eat anything sweet anyway.

sorry i failed to take a photo of the actual dessert


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I’m a food junkie. I eat junk foods a lot. And i have a sweet tooth, i love anything chocolate and sweet. Now you can imagine how healthy my food intake is :P Whenever i/we go to dimsum restaurants, more often than not, i’ll order Butchi. I just love butchi, maybe because of it’s chewy effect when eaten! hihih! :)

3 for P35.00, want some?

4 in a row: meeting with Alice

Posted on Aug 07, 2007 under eyeball, food | 4 Comments
Yesterday, it was a special non-working holiday in the Province of Cebu (charter day? not sure of the exact proclamation name). Alice from Sweden, also a member of Bisdakplanet wasn’t able to make it during our previous get together. She’s pregnant and couldn’t stay out late at night. Yesterday, Kookie, Glorie and I met up with her in SM Mall. :)

group pic take 1! :P

us in Sunburst, with Ainsley and Alice’s sister

bisdaks take 1! hehe!

the bisdaks: alice, glorie, kookie, me

alice & kookie

ainsley & glorie

kookie & me

madame president glorie heheh! :D

pansit canton (ukaya sa usa nimo makita ang pansit nyahaha!)


shanghai mo diha!?

ako, confused na sab kung mukaon ur mutabi! :P

It’s really nice meeting all the bisdaks… hopefully, i can get to meet more of them in the future. :)

Dinner @ Gerry’s Grill

Posted on Aug 03, 2007 under events, eyeball, food | 3 Comments
Last July 30 was even more fun when 3 other bisdaks joined in the eyeball/get together. We met around 8:00pm outside Ratsky Bar and decided to go upstairs and have our dinner at Gerry’s Grill. We were so noisy! :D

me, glorie, ainsley, norwin, tess, tish, coco, nymfa

Here are more pics to share:

pose while waiting to be served

yummy pusit, crispy pata and bangus

seafood rice and bulalo

tish’ birthday? LOL!

hehe murag true!

coco, norwin

coco, norwin, doc tess

norwin, doc tess, tinytish

tish and her friend nymfa

igatatious glorie :P

glorie and ainsley (feeling bisdak)

me, confused kung mukaon or magtabi! :D

The after-effect:

crispy pata, napa sya unod oi!

kawawang bangus

pashy-shy gibinlan ug gamay

lami gyud ang shredded adobo ;)

o di ba sinaw??? nyahaha!

So, ’till next eyeball? ;)