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The First Meeting

Posted on Aug 01, 2007 under events, eyeball, food | 9 Comments
Last Sunday, July 29, I finally met in person the one lady from Michigan whom i fondly call Lola. What the heck! The sexiest Lola i could ever probably have! LOL! :P

Here are some photos taken at Ayala Mall. :)

the sweetest Kookie in town ;)

glorie and me, mga mini nga apo! LOL!

glorie, me, chai, ainsley

basta bisdak unsa gani to? :D

o di ba? :)

Bisdakplanet members in the pics: Me, Glorie & Kookie/Coco (Lola)

Watch out for the next set of pics… taken in Ayala. :P

P.S. I almost forgot, I also have another Lola from Belgium, she’s equally sexy! I haven’t heard from her though since i met her last 2004 or 2005 :(

donut bai!

Posted on Jul 31, 2007 under food | 2 Comments

Here are some photos i’d like to share from last last week. I brought donuts to the office and so…. munchin’ and posin’ we went.

See, basta kaon, tingsi jud na ang agi! :P

news flash: i already met the sexiest Lola i could ever have heheh! ;) pictures later on my blog! :)

my bday sometime ago… :P

Posted on Jul 24, 2007 under blahs, food | 2 Comments
Four years ago, this is how we look like. Taken during the joint bday celebration of Sintclaire and me at JCAs Pizza in Lahug.

o di ba birgin pa kau ug mga dagway! LOL!

Wala lang, i just miss those days. I miss you guys. To be with you all together again is quite difficult now.

nice mornings

Posted on Jul 23, 2007 under food | 2 Comments
How nice is it when you report to work and find some sweets waiting for you to savor? Beautiful morning indeed. :P

Last Monday, i was very happy to see some candies in my desk. How i wish to happen it everyday. Heheh!

thanks a lot to my seatmate Romelyn for the
peanuts, toblerone and macapuno candy fresh from Bacolod :)

Just giving you a hint guys… LOL!

my birthday: 2007 episode

Posted on Jul 17, 2007 under events, food | 7 Comments
First and foremost, thanks to each and everyone who greeted me on my natal day. Thanks for all the wonderful greetings and thoughtfulness guys. :)

Oh okay, last july 14, i reached the maximum threshold of being in the twenties. (hala guess pila nah! lol!) Paksit! I still can’t believe i’m that old. Well, i don’t think i look my age though! Charrr :P

when the clock ticked 12:00 midnite, i was at Bo’s Cafe in I.T.Park, still with officemates from Mark’s despidida dinner

On the day of the 14th, my friends and I dined at Tongs in Marina Mall. Ila ko gibangkahan, o diba, palangga ko nila noh? Ngehehe!

ai-ai & melay

ang relo gipicturan ani actually (kita ka anang green? :P)


gapacute sab :P nalipung na siguro sa talaba :D

We went to Lenny’s house after and sang our heart out.

Mellany: ang pagbabalik ng diva-divahan :P

o kitam, mangilog ug mic kang mark! :D

nag emote mi ani sa Pangako Sa Yo na song, LOL!

Thank you very very much for the cutty gifts…

hand bag from Gugs (mayta makit-an ang pares nga relo! hehe :P)

pink teddy cp decor from Aiai

beaded slipper from Glorie (maprenda ni nako Glor? hehe!)

ang doll para kulam from Mellany, later na lang kay wala pa niya giupload ang picture hehe

Finally… ang akong dako nga hulagway. :P

me at age ehemm… ok ra? heheh! :P

P.S. Na notice nyo akong nagsidlak-sidlak nga bling-bling? ahahaha! pausuhay mi anah sa office! LOL! :P

Again, thanks to everyone for remembering. :)

adieu eugen

Posted on Jul 16, 2007 under events, food | 5 Comments
Mark’s last supper with us as he is leaving for Manila, yet another resignee. Hayy another person to miss. Goodluck Marky!

last day @ d office, friday d 13th

kuyug sa iyang mga saup :P

with the pcb dudes

iyang mga fans hehe!

with d softies

with rf janeel

d beautiful ones ;)

us just striking a pose :P

@ Golden Cowrie in Lahug

lenny, lany, mellany (hindi namam masyadong rhyme!)

ehehe nagpacute lang ko! :D

ang crispy pata!
(o check lang ang bloodpressure nato diha lisud nah hehe)

hapit ko napahak ani nga pic dah

barugan na gyud!

mark with the expecting couples

posing2x lang