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Trip to Mindanao: Day 2 in Camiguin

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Trip to Mindanao: Day 1 in Camiguin

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Hadsan Cove

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Since I had a long weekend last weekend because of the Holy Week, i was contemplating not on my sins but on where to go to. However, i may not do all those traditional religious holy week stuff that most Catholics do but I normally would just stay at home. I could have gone to Bantayan Island with friends but for some reasons i did not. On Thursday i was so bored i asked my friend Glorie to hang out anywhere not at home. We ended up chatting and idling in Hadsan Cove, an old inexpensive beach resort around Lapulapu. It was not much of an eventful day but at least i was out… :D

notice the blouses worn! :P

i went to boracay! :P

Posted on Nov 24, 2007 under laag | 8 Comments
I went to Boracay last weekend with friends/colleagues. Finally been to one of my must-visit-places list. There were seven of us and as usual, the more the merrier! We have booked our tickets since July or August? Glad, we really made it! Guess we were lucky because the typhoon hit Cebu just a day after we came home. I will post more pictures later when i have the time or you may wish to visit my other blog where i detailed everything…

igatz! hek hek!

Special thanks to Carlota… you know na madame why i’m thanking you! ;)


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I’m sure you knew that i went to Bohol last month. It was my second time and of course it was fun like the first time i went there. I was with old friends and some new friends. It was really a nice and memorable weekend. After viewing all the photos that we had, i noticed that i had a few poses with these two stinkers! Arrggh! :P

aren’t we cute? ;)

I’m not yet done uploading all the photos. I will sure post the link here once i’m done.

i conquered my fear! :D

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I don’t know what has gotten into me but i did have the courage to go near the python! Probably because there were lots of poeple who did the same. Some even touched the python… ewwww!!!

“grace under pressure”
kuntudu smile gakurug diay ang tuhud! LOL!
aguy aguy dalia intawon ug kuha sa pic kay basin mulihok ang bitin!

More pics later… or one of these days… hehe… :)

fun weekend :)

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nagpacute ra ko somewhere pag weekend,

i’ll post more photos next time… :P