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dragging day

Posted on Aug 18, 2009 under blahs at work, life in the office | No Comment

Everybody’s busy preparing for the ISO/TS 16949 audit. Well, the audit has started yesterday and our department is scheduled tomorrow. Just as soon as i arrived at work today, i was torn between using an old or new training checklist form. Tsk! Just one of the many things to be mindful of.

I so wanted to be absent tomorrow but for the love of LC, i shall be present. Not that i’d be audited but who knows?

I’m still at work right now and i wanna go home badly. My friend (Pai) gave me the copy of Ugly Betty season 3 episodes 17-24 already. I can’t wait to go home and watch it!!! Thank you very much Pai, you’re such an angel! :P

So yeah, goodluck to our department for tomorrow’s audit.

it’s one thing or the other

Posted on May 20, 2009 under blahs, life in the office, my thoughts with infos | No Comment

Yey! I couldn’t complain anymore on the computer memory of my workstation. It’s been upgraded and i’m happy about it since i don’t have to wait like forever anymore everytime i run applications simultaneously. Now, i’m bugged of the harddisk capacity. I only got about 75gb while others have 150gb. Isn’t that unfair? :P And yeah, i have to complain about my steel cabinet, again! Haha, see i don’t run out of things to quetch! :D

Anyway, i should be sleeping early today so that in effect i can wake up early tomorrow. I’ve got some appointments to attend first before i’ll go to the church for my friend’s wedding. Ok. Gotta scoot now!

tuesday blues

Posted on May 12, 2009 under blahs, life in the office, my thoughts with infos | 2 Comments

It’s a boring Tuesday evening. Its’ raining hard and i’m still at work. Can’t wait to go home and watch seasons 20 & 21 of my favorite TV series, The Unit. I just had my dinner and i ate at the cafeteria alone. I normally don’t complain about eating alone but sadly so, days i’ve spent in the office lately has been very dragging. Impossibly dragging and boring! Seems like everyone has his own world. Either they’re boring or i’m boring! LOL! Seriously, it’s either i don’t connect with the people anymore or i really just need a new environment. Sigh.

Anyway, i really didn’t enjoy much about what i ate. I packed the leftover viand and will eat this later. I should not be eating again but everytime i feel blue, one of my refuge is eating. Not healthy eh! I know that’s why i’m starting to read some Fenphedra review online. I think before anyone should take any diet pills, he or she should learn more info about the product first.

The rain hasn’t stop and i still feel bored… Argghh this is a lousy post. :P

eat your heart out!

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We have this online leave tracking system in the office. If someone will file for a leave of absence, he/she only needs to access the site. After applying for any leave, designated approvers will be notified through email.

Take your cue from one of my colleagues:


Haha! What a reason! Are you envious or outrageous? :D

what’s with May 8?

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That majority of my colleagues filed for vacation leave? I emailed one coworker to gratify my curiosity asking if there’s an event or occasion or whatever that i am not aware of? She said, there’s none that she knows of. Somehow, i thought i must have been left out already by the current hoo-has in the office. Or could it be just coincidence that a lot of my coworkers will be absent on May 8! Hmmnn let me join the craze - what if i file for leave of absence too? :D

another sad plight

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Another unfavorable thing if i may say happened the other day in the office. The company let go another three colleagues of mine, though they’re from a different department. If i’m not mistaken, these 3 folks have been working with the company for quite sometime now. Some say, one of them did volunteer to be retrenched. At least that saved one head who probably would still wish to stay with the company. The reality prevails that up until today, anything could just happen. Our department is so far safe but who knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow or the next day? It’s really scary! Maybe i should improve my programming skills since a lot of programmer jobs are available out there. I really don’t know but i’m really hoping our department would still be intact until this economic crisis is averted.


Posted on Oct 01, 2008 under blahs, life in the office | 2 Comments
Our department sportsfest at work has already started and i’m playing tabletennis. (naks! as if lang gud!) There are four competing teams and I’m with the green team. I’ll keep you posted about the activity in my other blog. See yah there!

it feels like Friday today

Posted on Sep 11, 2008 under blahs, life in the office | 2 Comments
It’s still Thursday but it so feels like Friday! Almost everyone left the office early and are off somewhere. It’s because we are having a long weekend! It’s no work tomorrow because the Tuesday holiday (Osmena Day) was swapped to tomorrow. I’m just glad the telecon ended earlier. It already feels boring being left, let alone having to attend a telecon with offshore counterparts.

I’m not going anywhere, just having some lunch and dinner invites from friends. I got a busy day tomorrow ;)

PUJ strike!

Posted on Jun 30, 2008 under blahs, current events, life in the office | No Comment
I woke up this morning to a text message my officemate sent. She said that public utility jeepneys are on strike. How would I come to work? Get a taxi? Or will I just be absent? The latter is very much a tempting option however i can’t be absent. I have to be at work and get things done. I got up and got ready to leave. True enough, the roads aree empty of PUJs. Private vehicles rule the streets. I finally was able to hail a cab after waiting for quite some time. Of course, during strikes, cabs are in demand and some drivers would even charge than usual. I was surprised to notice that starting from Fuente circle down to Lapulapu bridge, traffic was congested! Why the heavy traffic when there are no jeepneys around? Unbelievable!

Here at work, administrators decided to allow everyone to go home as early as 5:30pm and offered some lift from hired busses. I’m still at work now, i hope the transport strike is over when i’m out.