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I don’t know but i’m into anything strawberry lately. :)

Signs? Lol!

latest crush

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Nice eh? Would love to have this for my birthday. Hello friends out there? Lol! :D

happy 2011!

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a cup of coffee please

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Hmmnn i feel like sipping just by looking at the picture. Unfortunately though, i’m supposedly not allowed to drink coffee anymore unless it’s decaf. But as always, what’s not good is what’s delectable. And surprise, i’m just human prone to temptations.

Looking at the picture, i also remember my favorite telenovela Coffee Prince. Well, if you’re not a fan of telenovelas and wasn’t able to watch this particular show, then you can’t relate to me. The female protagonist in the story works in a coffee shop. She knows coffee in all form and she decorates them attractively.

I also miss those times when i’m with friends just enjoying a cup of coffee and talking about anything endlessly. Ok, really i’m getting old! Arrggh!

and i wonder?

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Oftentimes, I would crave for something to eat and you could guess right that’s it’s almost always not something the health conscious would munch. But heck!


I thought i was gonna finish it all but luckily i didn’t! Hehehe!!! And i wonder why i’m gaining weight with each passing day! Yayks!

have a nice day!

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Short but sweet. Have a happy week ahead as well. Me? Can’t wait for Thursday since it’s going to be a non-working holiday the day after! Yehey!!! I’m doing a happy dance. :)

sweet tooth

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I love chocolates. I can eat as much as i can. I chew it like i’m just eating bread or rice. I could eat more if only i’m not thinking about the amount of fat i take. Chocolate cake, chocolate flavored ice cream, anything chocolate. Because i consume a lot of these stuff, i probably just need a weight loss pill too. I never lose a single pound since i started gaining weight. Isn’t that frustrating how easy to gain weight but too hard to lose? Maybe because i don’t exercise as well. I know, i know, my bad.

Thanks to my friends from Michigan for the chocolates. Thanks for remembering us - even the simplest gifts are very much appreciated. :)

eat your heart out!

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We have this online leave tracking system in the office. If someone will file for a leave of absence, he/she only needs to access the site. After applying for any leave, designated approvers will be notified through email.

Take your cue from one of my colleagues:


Haha! What a reason! Are you envious or outrageous? :D


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To an average Filipino, the above photo can be one heck of a meal already! To some who may not have the chance to eat this whenever they want, this picture is a piece of heaven. Buwad ug munggus. Ay kalami! Mangaon ta! :D