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teenage harry

Posted on Jul 12, 2007 under blahs, movies | 13 Comments
I watched the movie Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix last night. I won’t utter any of my opinion regarding the movie since i’m really not following the sequels by heart. Heheh. I’ll leave that part to all the HP avid fans out there. However, i have one thing to blurt. I don’t like Harry now that he’s big! I like him better when he was still a kid. :)

ain’t that cute? di ba adorable kaau?

waaahhh di gyud nako sya feel nidako hehehe! :P

timeline and gerard butler :)

Posted on Sep 11, 2006 under blahs, movie actors, movies | 9 Comments

gerard butler
Since I watched the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious, I had then become a certified Paul Walker fan. Very timely because the movie 2 Fast was featured in Universal Studios when I got there. Unfortunately, it was only Tyrese whom I saw. Well, not that bad either. (ako gihikap ang muscles ni tyrese, solid kaau, tsansing kaau ko! hehe)

I knew Walker starred in the movie Timeline but i just didn’t have the zeal to watch it when shown in the cinemas. I don’t watch movies alone by the way so I don’t get to watch any movie if nobody would go and watch with me. I finally had a glimpse of Timeline when my friend Splat let me borrow his dvd copy. I thought the movie was boring and i didn’t like Paul’s hairdo in this movie! yay! If not for Splat reminding me that he’d already get the dvd from me, I would not have remembered that I have to watch it. Geezzzz! I found a new love in the person of Gerard Butler! LOL! ;) I swear, I wasn’t watching Walker in the movie but i had my eyes glued to Butler! (nawani sa paul walker! hehe!) I’ve only heard of Butler’s name before but never get to watch any of his movies. (maau na lang nakita ko timeline, nahimamat nako si butler! hehe! salamat kang splat!) I even thought he should be the main star of Timeline not Walker huh! Anyways, the movie was good, well at least for me. I always love movies with lords, kings, wars and all that. :)

o di ba? wafo? :P

angayan sya curly hair sa? :D

P.S. Mga guapo sa atong hisgutan ron aron malingaw tah :P

my most coveted koreanovelas

Posted on Sep 08, 2006 under blahs, movies | 6 Comments
My Girl’s Lee Dong Wook - the “My Boy” of my dreams! hehehe! :P
This is a long over due post…

Last August 12 - i received the dvd copy of the Koreanovelas i so long to have. A big thanks to my dearest friend Aneshka she finally sent it out to me. (Guapaha jud nimo Clara oi! :P, utangan pa raba ko nimo! hehe :D)

I’m sooo happy, insanely happy (?) because I can finally watch them all the time and anytime I want! :)

(upper left-bottom right): a love to kill - my girl - princess lulu - lovers in paris - full house

I came in to the office earlier than usual. I would not want to miss the package should the carrier needed my signature. I was fervently praying then that all the cds will play in my player. The last My Girl copy i had wont. My heart sunk when I realized that the dub’s in Chinese! Sure, I don’t understand either language but I’m sorry, I’d prefer Korean dialogue over Chinese. They seem to sound a little like our dialect. Good thing, dubbing can be changed to Korean. I was relieved! :P I haven’t finished Princess Lulu and A Love To Kill yet. Waahhh! I can’t tolerate the subtitles, so far far from the actual scenes, so confusing. I would just end up with a headache after watching an episode…

I’m looking forward to grab a copy of Save The Last Dance, Green Rose and Forbidden Love. :)