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simple wishes

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For this year’s Manito/Manita of our section party, the amount for the final gift is 300pesos minimum. My 3 wishes are sling bag, hand lotion from Body Shop and hankies. The manito/manita can just pick any of the 3. If she/he were that generous, he/she could give the 3 items. Why not!? :P

Glenda, the girl who got my name :)

she did give my 2nd wish ;)

Hazel, laughing out, is my Manita (One Of These Days), she asked for a specific umbrella, and she got it. :P

close up of my gift, she kinda know i love pink?
thanks girl, love it! :P

Our codenames by the way were song titles, i happen to be Defrying Gravity. There you go, Glee fanatic! :D

my ID photo some years ago

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This is the photo as seen in my company ID some years ago. Lol! I purposely blurred the pic for the main reason that i really don’t like looking at it! Haha! Well, still the innocent me but gosh the hair! At this time, i haven’t met Erlinda - the sole ‘hair relaxer’ of my friends and i. Lol! But to be fair, i was still way slimmer in this photo. I haven’t indulge myself in some late night ‘tapsilog’ session during this time yet. Oh, i love this set of tailored uniform by the way. It’s one of my favorite sets.

first gym session

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Months before i actually first set foot in a gym, i already had some pre-gym moments. That’s when i went to Michigan last 2004. In the evening after work, Cherry and I would be left with nothing to do other than watching TV so we decided to try the gym inside the compound (there’s a better word for this but i can’t think right now) to kill the time. I like the treadmills but sad to say, i won’t even last for 10 minutes. LOL! Even with the bike, i’m lucky if i can manage 5 minutes non-stop. Geez, just make me realize now how poor my stamina is. I can’t even do 1 lap jog in the city complex gym. Waah!!!! How lousy i am! And why do i even complain if i get fat?

la isla bonita

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Camotes Island, Philippines

“And so I’m sailing through the sea
To an island where we’ll meet
You’ll hear the music fill the air
I’ll put a flower in your hair
Though the breezes through trees
Move so pretty you’re all I see
As the world keeps spinning round
You hold me right here right now”

-Lucky In Love, Jason Mraz

Sinulog 2009

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I know, there’s much photos and stories about the Sinulog that you can read and view already. But let me share my little post anyway.

Sinulog is the most festive. Most celebrated. Most visited social occasion in the country if i may say. And the most awaited affair by most if not all Cebuanos. It’s more than a week long celebration that culminates every 3rd Sunday of January with a grand mardigras participated not only by Cebuanos but by other neighboring provinces as well. New York crowd scene? Hongkong scene? Far cry from the Sinulog scene? Almost!

taken 1st week of January, Fuente Cirle

just striking a pose in the stands… never really watched the parade this year… went out only in the evening to watch the fireworks

Glorie with the Sinulog participants
(they must be tired already, they’ve been dancing since morning)

watched 3rd String play in The Terraces after the fireworks show

Now, Cebu is back to its mellow atmosphere…


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Happy New Year! :)
all the best in 2009

it’s officially christmas season

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in my blog and in my workspace. I already hang two cute christmas stuffed toys to mark the first day of September! hehe! ;)

aren’t they cute? ;)

thy gifts

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A month ago, i celebrated my birthday… obviously it took me a month to get these photos posted… :P

Allow me to share these cute nice presents i received from my wonderful friends.

stuffed toys (i forgot their names) from Jona, Jude, Ky

moisturize, moisturize, moisturize from Romz

personalized cap from Buddy Ai

big tote bag from Charo
ever wonder they gave me purple stuff?
that’s the closest they can get other than pink, lol!

i actually just raided Glorie’s stuff and decided to have this shoes for my gift! :D

it’s not just a plate! i’m more concerned on why Aisah gave me a plate! :P

read the card so you would know why :P

accessory set from Mark to accent my boring tailored uniform

inside the paper bag is Macelle’s personalized bathrobe
i now know what to give to my fans should i have a fans’ club, personalized cap and bathrobe hehe ;)

from the SWV cutties

Gugs did not forget me! sent this all the way from MI

Thanks everyone again and again…

By the way, here’s my birthday gift to my self… lol! :P

Birthdays are always nice especially when you receive… gifts… wehehehe!

white water rafting adventure

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This post is for Carlota’s contest… i’ve got no time already so ill just pass. But i’ll udpate this later to post my supposedly photo entry.

— updated entry —

The instruction was to post a photo of any kind then describe or tell something about the photo.

Taken last April 7, 2008 in Cagayan de Oro during our white water rafting adventure. Why this photo amongst all the other photos i have? Solely because it features a woman (me in the center) and how she conquered her fears! Charr! Hehe! Hello! I can’t swim but i dared to do the rafting! :P It was one scary ride but a memorable and enjoyable one.

cute sandals

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I just thought of posting this not so old photo. This was taken during our former manager’s last day in the office. Look at our sandals! No, that ain’t our uniform. We just thought of buying the same sandals. Cute noh? :)