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Details and more pictures will follow…. for the meantime enjoy the teasers! Nyahahaha! :D :P

i was in the hospital…

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Yup! I was in the hospital last 3 weeks ago. I woke up to a severe stomachache thursday morning so I took antacids but i was never relieved. I decided to get myself a medical checkup. ‘Twas my second attempt actually because i was in the OPD last time. I was dismissed because i was relieved when the doctor arrived - meaning the medicine took effect. Last March 13 was the real one. My stomache was impossibly hurting. I had to be admitted and went through some tests to include endoscopy and ultrasound. The endoscopy was not painful but uncomfortable. It lasted for about 3-5 minutes but it felt like forever! I was holding on to my dear life while the tube was inserted through my mouth down to the esophagus to see the insides of my intestines. I shed tears while it was done, really. Fortunately my intestines were fine but was full of acid. I can see the yellowish substance on the monitor. At least the doctor was a joker, helped ease my fear. And the nurses whom i thought were bitches at first were actually very very nice. They kept on calming me down. Turned out i was having reflux esophagitis and bile gastritis. Now i have to be careful of what i eat - avoid all sorts of vitamin Cs, citrus fruits, milk, etc. But because i also had an ultrasound of my whole abdomen, the doctors found out some crystals (i wish these crystals are saleable hehe) on both of my kidneys and a stone in my gallbladder which is non obstructing at present. Which means I have to be more extra careful in what i eat should i want not to be bugged by the stone! Avoid all fatty foods!!! Basically, I should be on a strict food diet now. Avoid all salty foods, etc, etc. It’s an ordeal. I was discharged from the hospital Saturday afternoon after much convincing moments with the doctors because i was already bored. And eating “lugaw” in all of my meals was not either helping. See, i’m that stubborn. Soft diet, soft diet for at least a month but just when i arrived home - i ate rice! :P And what’s the saddest part of all these? I can no longer eat my ever favorite mango fruit :(

Thanks to my friends who visited me in the hospital and for the well wishers. Special thanks to Macelle & Jona for processing my LOA.

Note: It was my first hospital admittance. First time mo? :D

Hadsan Cove

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Since I had a long weekend last weekend because of the Holy Week, i was contemplating not on my sins but on where to go to. However, i may not do all those traditional religious holy week stuff that most Catholics do but I normally would just stay at home. I could have gone to Bantayan Island with friends but for some reasons i did not. On Thursday i was so bored i asked my friend Glorie to hang out anywhere not at home. We ended up chatting and idling in Hadsan Cove, an old inexpensive beach resort around Lapulapu. It was not much of an eventful day but at least i was out… :D

notice the blouses worn! :P

happy easter…

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I hope everyone had a very good and blessed holy week. As for me, i was off from work but i went nowhere. I was just at home lazing… aw, i was at the beach last Thursday with my friend Glorie. We were just out there chatting and idling. Bored girls, lol! :D

Anyways, i got this picture that reminded me of Michigan during easter sunday. If anyone of you been around to this area, please smile for me. It is where i stayed. This is crazy but i am missing Michigan a lot. :(

lipstick anyone?

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Really, i’m not much of a make-up fan. However, I do sometimes enjoy a little coloring on my face. Hmnnn, that should sound a relief huh!? A girl should have a little this and that of vanity you know. A dab on my cheek is all i need to let off a doll face. Plus a hint of a lip color. I only get to apply lipstick on my lips in the morning though right before going to the office but you know what? I have quite a few lipsticks with different shades only to collect them! LOL! I don’t know, lately, i tend to get attracted to lipsticks but i really don’t wear them, at least not all the time. Sometimes, i get confused which shade to apply. LOL! Weird huh.

department strategic planning

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As if! Serious tahay ko ani na pic! So… our department strategic planning pushed through last Friday in Tambuli West Beach Resort. The original plan was to hold the activity in Plantation Bay. I was more than excited then. Anyhow, the activity went fine and the venue and food wasn’t bad after all. In fact, the food was great. The said activity was spearheaded by our senior manager, attended by the section managers and section lead engineers. Later after dinner, we enjoyed an hour or so at the pool. Pictures will be posted some other time.