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no measure

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Two down, four to go. One of my sisters got married some days ago. It was a simple wedding, yet a happy one. And i’m proud that my younger sister and her husband pulled it off on their own means. They did not have a lavish reception nor fancy gowns. No artcarved wedding bands and no fancy ride. Simple as it is but that doesn’t matter anyway.

A friend of mine from college ask me when i’m getting married? Chill folks, i’m not in a hurry, so why would you? Lol!

looking back and forward

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One of my friends and colleagues, someone i would consider a senior, knowing that she has spent 8 years with us, had left already last July to pursue another path. She’s 2 years my junior with the company.

In her farewell message, she mentioned that she never regretted and was never wrong for the kind of job she had pursued then. That left me a big question to myself. What about me? One decade. Am i not wrong? Have i chosen the right career? The right job?

I’m still pondering. Will let you know about my thoughts later. Lol!

Should i have a change of heart, will this Business-to-Business Marketer Jobs be a nice alternative for me? That’s going to be a big shift definitely. But who knows right?

Hey, there’s something i’ve been itching of telling you about but i just can’t. At least not for now. But you will know about it soon enough. Really soon.

busy but lazy

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Long weekend. Nothing much to do. I mean i had plans but i cancelled it since i’m saving some moolah for something else. But it doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy. Listening to music using the best BlueTooth headset is just another way of enjoying when you only want to do is laze and just relax. I want one in pink! Pretty please!

I’ll have to meet a friend tomorrow in the afternoon to discuss some matters about some big changes that’s going to happen in our lives soon. Lol!

On a serious note, i really have many errands to do. But i can’t decide which ones to start! Waahh!!!

capture me, but won’t capture you!

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I appreciate all the awesome pictures my friends at work share after a photo shoot or a simple gathering or getaway. Then again, I’m one lazy girl. I don’t wanna carry those big gadgets in big bags plus big accessories. Talking about trail cameras for example. One of a kind but even if I have the money, I don’t think I’d buy one.

So, when one of them told me that there are thin cameras nowadays that can take quality pictures, I got excited! I just have to wait when its market price lowers down. ;)

Maybe then, I’d be enticed to study photography. Weeeh!

sweet scrubs

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So what’s a girl to do during boring weekends? Beautify! Lol!

That’s so me. Whenever I have nothing to do, I have a lot of do-it-yourself beauty regimens to keep me busy.

I do my own hair spa while I scrub my feet. Only it’s tiring after but it’s fun and is a lot cheaper than going to salons. Should I have a bottle of this sugar scrubs now, won’t catch me anywhere but in the bathroom.

I always tell some colleagues about body scrubs and the benefits you get out of it. Once I even convinced a male colleague to do it. Haha!

Either it’s byproduct of me looking at fashion magazines or I’m just being vain. Nah.

if it’s meant to be

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I just received two invites from a social networking site from two batchmates in college. I looked at their profiles and learned that both of them are already married and each has a kid. Glad to see them doing great in life.

It’s really no surprise if my classmates have 5 year-old kids or older as I may compute it, if most of them got married at the age of 25 or earlier, they should at least have their fruits already. So, receiving wedding invitations from classmates is really not a surprise these days. They say it’s high time. So, what about me? Now that’s the big surprise. Haha!

Peer pressure? At times but I believe if it’s meant to happen, it will happen. Still keeping my fingers crossed. :)

i want a new furniture

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I have long wanted to buy a new set of furniture for the sala but I just don’t have the dough for it. One weekend I asked my parents to check out the native set of furniture for sale near our area but I found it too expensive.

Then a friend of mine from abroad told me that she just found a nice sofa being thrown away by their neighbor. She kept it and has now become a star at their home. How I wish I could also find something like this rustic natural cedar furniture that’s really super cute. How true is it that one’s trash maybe someone else’s treasure. So while I still don’t have the money to buy myself a new furniture, I’d just dream that someone out there might throw away something she doesn’t need that I might need. A furniture to be exact! Lol!


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It’s so hard for me to wake up early and as if it’s not annoying enough to do that when you found out that there is no water supply! All the efforts you muster just to get out of bed are put to waste because you have no choice but to just go back to sleep again because you cannot take a bath. Or you could exercise while waiting but i don’t do that. Heheh!

Surely these stainless steel barrels at would occupy space in your bathrooms but they will come in handy for water storage in times when you run out of water. They are especially handy for households like ours who don’t own water tanks.

Before i get another bout of massive headache, i gotta snooze now and hope that when i wake up there is water i can actually use!

everything’s wired

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How convenient it is for most things today can now be bought or viewed online?

Even diagnostics health centers don’t require you to visit their facility again for your results. You just have to log on to their site and voila you got your lab results.

Gizmos and gadgets? All the more that you can buy them online. You can even shop online for rim of your mobile phones. So neat!

Now if only i can just work online at home. That would be the greatest that technology can hand me! :D

But i can just imagine how sedentary my lifestyle would be? Well, after all, matters always have two sides – the advantages and the disadvantages.


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Before the attendant from the check in counter finally handed me my boarding pass he asked me if i were pregnant. Waahhh! He said i hope i don’t mind but it’s just customary for them to ask the rather too personal question. I said no and smiled though i felt awkward.

I really need the aid of fat burners to lose weight and get rid of these unwanted fats. Must be customary for them to ask that annoying question to women whose stomachs are bulging… with fats unfortunately. :D

If i were slimmer, would they ask the same question? Hmnnn….