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the weekend jump

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Presenting to you the ceremonial jump during our getaway to Camotes Island last weekend.

Taken at Danao Lake from L-R: Aisah, Melody, Yours truly, Glenda, Princess, Jessica, the ladies from NorthAm team sans Jela (opted not to go) and Orchid (on maternity leave).

What can you say? holiday? :D

simple wishes

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For this year’s Manito/Manita of our section party, the amount for the final gift is 300pesos minimum. My 3 wishes are sling bag, hand lotion from Body Shop and hankies. The manito/manita can just pick any of the 3. If she/he were that generous, he/she could give the 3 items. Why not!? :P

Glenda, the girl who got my name :)

she did give my 2nd wish ;)

Hazel, laughing out, is my Manita (One Of These Days), she asked for a specific umbrella, and she got it. :P

close up of my gift, she kinda know i love pink?
thanks girl, love it! :P

Our codenames by the way were song titles, i happen to be Defrying Gravity. There you go, Glee fanatic! :D

pigging out

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Today is a non-working holiday for the city of Lapulapu. It’s the Kadaugan of Mactan. Kadaugan in English means victory. This is supposedly to honor or commemorate the victory of the great Lapulapu over the Portuguese conqueror Ferdinand Magellan. Part of the celebration is a weeklong food festival where famous hotels and resorts of the city get to showcase some of their specialties and make it a bit affordable to the consuming public.

Now, i wonder if weight loss products can still do so much since i’ve been pigging out since last Friday. The location of the fest is at the Mactan shrine. I went there last Friday and came back the next day. I can’t have enough of lasagna! There are lots of food to choose from but i’m too lazy for the queue so i settled myself with the lasagna and tacos. It’s always fun to eat out especially with circle of friends. Thanks Rai for the photo.

Cleng’s wedding

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As promised, here’s one photo of us during the wedding of my officemates last March 06. I’m still groggy, i barely had 4 hours of sleep on that day as i was at the airport very early in the morning.


For a dear friend, Cebu is never far from Singapore and Manila. That’s William and Macelle who graced the affair as one of the groom’s men and bride’s maids. Thanks Charo for the photo.

christmas parties 2009

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Done with your Christmas list yet? Might want to give yourself an insurance quote for a gift? Try and check rates here for you to evaluate.

So, before i enjoy the holidays… let me give you a glimpse of the Christmas parties this year with my colleagues.

department party - dec 12, 2009

company party - dec 17, 2009

section party - dec 18, 2009

more photos to come… later… thanks Rai for the photos… :)

Pink Friday 17 ~ pink costume

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Rai, Haze, Ylan @ Mines View Park

Taken during our photo op while roaming around Baguio City. LOL! :D