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Pink Friday 24 ~ pink baby dresses

Posted on Feb 26, 2010 under anything pink, pink fridays | 1 Comment


Aren’t they cute? These are the dresses i gave to my goddaughter, Janna, during her 1st birthday celebration last January. I bought it on the day of the party so i took a picture of the dresses while i was queueing at the counter. I just used my cellphone so as not to attract attention from the cashiers. :D I always find it easier to scout gifts for baby girls than baby boys.

Pink Friday 23 ~ pink beauty paraphernalias

Posted on Jan 08, 2010 under anything pink, pink fridays | 2 Comments


My first entry for Pink Fridays this 2010. I’m not gifted with naturally straight hair thus i seek refuge from hair straightening irons and hair blowers. I do fix my hair when i have the ample time before going to work or going out. That’s why i super lover this pink hair knickknack set! :)

Pink Friday 22 ~ cute dress

Posted on Nov 27, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | 2 Comments


Lovely dress eh! And the equally lovely lady wearing it is Megan Smith (Joanna Garcia) of the TV series Privileged (2008). I so love the series and most of the characters in this show. But to my dismay, this show is axed after season 1. I love Megan and Will’s (Brian Hallisay) love team. *sigh.

I’m not so much of a Gossip Girl fan but i’m gonna have to watch this show especially season 3 because of Joanna’s appearances. I find her simple but very pretty and endearing. You should watch Privileged (even if they’re on for one season only)!

Pink Friday 21 ~ pink croc

Posted on Oct 30, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | No Comment


Well, not the actual croc. I wonder if they still will slaughter pink crocodiles if there were any. Heheh!

This pair of crocs was given to me by my friend/colleague last December. Just how time flies eh? One more month to go and it’s December! Whew. Murag kanus-a lang toh.

Pink Friday 20 ~ heart manicure kit

Posted on Oct 16, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | 4 Comments

cute noh? bought this from my favorite cosmetics store

so handy right? heartshaped pouch and it’s pink! :)

Pink Friday 19 ~ lovely pink rose

Posted on Oct 09, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | No Comment


Got this pink roses from a forwarded mail and instead of forwarding the same message, i rather post it here. It beautifies my blog. :) Pretty noh? I wish naa muhatag nako ana. heheh.!

Pink Friday 18 ~ pink crush

Posted on Oct 02, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | 2 Comments


Aside from shoes and bags, i love watches. The picture above is one of my crushes. The pink one is not available however so i got the white one. Equally cute but being a pink lover, i’d be happier if the one i got comes in pink! ;)

Pink Friday 17 ~ pink costume

Posted on Sep 25, 2009 under anything pink, photos with friends, pink fridays | No Comment

Rai, Haze, Ylan @ Mines View Park

Taken during our photo op while roaming around Baguio City. LOL! :D

Pink Friday 16 ~ the fashionista horse

Posted on Sep 04, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | 2 Comments

What better way to celebrate the 1st day of September than a horse ride - pink one at that! :P

me @ Baguio, Phils

cute noh? :)

Pink Friday 15 ~ comfy to wear

Posted on Aug 28, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | No Comment

what more can i say? comfy to wear and it comes in pink! ;)