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Pink Friday 14 ~ delightful paper bag

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This i bought for the gift i gave to my colleague’s baby. It comes in pink so i never had second thoughts of buying it since the recipient is a baby girl anyway.

Ain’t a baby anymore but I woudn’t mind if you’d give me gifts surprisingly stored in this cute and unique paper bag. ;)

Pink Friday 13 ~ smells sexy

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For an addict of anything pink, need i say more?!?

Haayy can’t buy them here in Cebu.. huhuh… :(

Pink Friday 12 ~ another pink slipper :D

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Just one of my pink slippers (and hello kitty stuff) hehe… it’s kind of old but i can’t throw it away just yet… yah, truly a packrat!

Happy Friday everyone… hope you have a great weekend ahead.

Pink Friday 11 ~ pink birthday

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My colleagues know that i love and live pink. So on my birthday last week, in an effort to please me i believe, the greetings all came in pink! I mean all, including fonts! :D






these… i need not explain, lol! :D



Yah yah.. happy birthday to me! :)

Pink Friday 10 ~ cute little thing

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To give is better than to receive, they say. But Pasalubongs or gifts are always nice to receive, isn’t it? Heheh!

I got this one cute stuff toy from an old colleague who now works in Singapore. It comes in pink - all the more adorable!

Pink Friday 09 ~ chic scarf

Posted on Jul 11, 2009 under anything pink, pink fridays | 2 Comments

We normally have this kris kringle at the office every December. Our way of doing this KK is a bit different. We sometimes name it as Manito Manita. I really don’t know the exact difference of these two. So our style is like this: one file is stored in a common drive where everybody can access. This file lists down the names of the participants and then beside it is the column where you (the participant) could write down what you want to receive. It’s like a wish list. Only that, of course you have to consider the amount of gift you wish for.

Last December, i specifically listed something to wear for cold season. Either a scarf, cardigan, jacket. I did not specify pink as my colleagues would easily identify me the one asking for it. What do you know? I just got a pink scarf! Well, my Manito probably think pink is the safest color. Heheh!

I asked for it ’cause i was gonna wear it for my trip to Hongkong and Macau then. The picture above was taken in one of the places we visited in Macau.

Pink Fridays 08 ~ cute slippers

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I sure can remember my first entry for First Fridays. It’s about my getaway slipper, which without questions, comes in pink.

Here’s my other precious slippers that come in pink. You see, oftentimes, i cannot pick which is best so i’d end up buying 2-3 items of the same kind of different colors. Maybe there’s a name to this sickness? LOL!

Pink Fridays 07 ~ cute plastic

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Packrat that i am- i collect plastic bags of the items i buy. I just can’t throw them away! I know they can be used again. Odd but i get the feeling of satisfaction every time i get to reuse them than throw them. Hmm i know some of you are doing this too. LOL! *admit it!

Ain’t that a cutty? It comes in pink and heart shape print. And look at the hole - it’s heartshaped as well!

Pink Fridays 06 ~ chic color

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I don’t usually color my fingernails for many reasons.

- it seems to me that my hands are heavier with colored fingernails, lol!
- i’m lucky if i’ll last a day without ruining the nail color (means, just waste of money for me)
- my hands are very essential for my line of work, thus nail colors won’t really last long for it will just be trenched
- i don’t think that ‘angayan’ ko magmanicure! hehe!

But for those rare moments that i get manicures, of course, pink is one of the colors ;)

Pink Fridays 05 ~ something yummy!

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I’m not sure from which province this sweet yummy delicacy is coming from. But i’m sure i like it especially when it comes in pink! ;)