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the tsinelas

Posted on Mar 03, 2008 under blahs, pink stuff | No Comment
Last year, i can say that it was the year of slippers. Splendidly, we call them the flip flops. People walk around with these slippers - from all colors and prints. People wear them not just in the beaches but also in the malls. It has literally become a fashion trend. Some even collects these flip flops. Me? I don’t really care whether my slipper is in or out. Whether it is branded or not. I only would care that it is flowerets and pink. ;)

pink recipe book

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Last December, the COOP office came here to our facility and sold some children’s books. They were nice and were sold at lower prices compared to from bookstores. I bought some and gave it to my godchildren.

i like to color them myself

i saved 2 for myself, hek hek

might help prevent my brain from getting rusty

pink recipe book! hello!?! :D

pink pillow

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My Manito wasn’t able to attend our Christmas party ‘07. Imagine my grief when I was the only one who didn’t receive any gift?!? My heart sunk! Wahhhhh!!!!! Gladly, he brought me this cute pink teddy pillow the working day after. I was relieved. :P

it’s not only pink, but with teddy bear prints, oh just how i like it!

pink watch

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My seatmate, thoughtful as she is brought me a pink watch when she arrived from China last December. She bought it for she know i’d be happy to receive anything pink. :)

aint that cute? ;)


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I received this chocolate from a colleague who just arrived from Spain last December. Well, what do you know, i sure am delighted even just for the wrapper. :P