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Lift That Spirit Up

Posted on Sep 23, 2009 under poems, straight from the inbox | No Comment

Say it when you wanna be heard
Say it aloud, speak it out
Break some rules if it keeps you out of the blue
No one’s gonna listen til you say it.

Scream if you must
Laugh it out, laugh it loud
Lift your spirit up
Strike out, strike through.

Never stop, never give up
Hop and jump as high as you want
Try and fail, it’s ok than to fail to try at all
To dream is the first step to a higher ground.

Dance with all the joy and feel the beat
Sing those pains out and find relief
Experience is always there to keep
They are treasures that nourish the soul.

Stretch your dreams out and soar
Live free as the wind and explore
Go to the depths and say with much pride
I’ve reached to the heights and I’m happy.