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Ugly Betty

Posted on Oct 07, 2008 under tv series | 2 Comments
Are you watching the series? I am! I just finished the first and second seasons and i can’t wait for the 3rd season. I’m not sure if it’s being shown in America already. I really like the US version better compared to the Mexican/Colombian version entitled Betty La Fea. I like how witty the dialogues and the characters are. Also, it’s a nice twist that Betty actually has boyfriend(s) and a lovelife which is not the case in the other versions. Betty has always been portrayed to be madly in love with his boss in the very beginning. The US version portrayed a bubbly and intelligent Betty who is at one point in her life was torn between two lovers. Hehe. I really can’t wait for the 3rd season - can’t wait to see who she chooses. Go go Betty!