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summer nah!!!!

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lets go swimming! (as if kamao!)

Camotes Summer 2006

P.S. lets go swimming = lets go picture taking

mga hulagway sa mga kiat na sab…

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Geeezz… i’m too lazy to write anything right now but here are some photos i’d like to share….

Just an hour ago, we bid goodbye to our visitor/colleague from India. He’s going back to his place already. We hope that he enjoyed his time here in our beautiful country and enjoyed working with the beautiful people in PETC. (quoted from one of my officemates, LOL!)

So, one of my officemates, Leslie is getting married. (see i’m always posting about weddings, unfortunately of others not mine heheh!) We had a night out last weekend - her last activity with us while she’s still single. :)

at Red Moon, a chinese restaurant… i’m not in the pic, i took this pose :)

singin’ their hearts out at K1!

finally Macelle arrived!

pause to pose! :D

pacute lang :)

the seven dwarfs errr the seven fairies ;)

the Korean pose :P

whatever lang! :D

hmnnn useful gift?

rather the most useful gift! LOL!


So (so for the second time hehe), it’s gonna be a long weekend for me, us. No work on Holy Thursday and Friday plus Monday is “Araw Ng Kagitingan”. What’s Araw Ng Kagitingan in English? Day of Bravery? :P

More likely, i’ll be just at home… i don’t know, i’ll see what i can do.

Have a blessed holy week everyone!

Happy Easter!

awesome thursday evening :)

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Last night was really fun - I had a date with two gorgeous women. (maybe next time two gorgeous men napud LOL!) Madame Phoebe was here in Cebu and she met us, Glorie and me. It was our second time to meet her but this time was quite a blast. We dined out (of course her treat, thanks jud madame ug sa pasalubong) and spent the rest of the night just talking and chitchatting. Sure thing, all her words of wisdom and tips are kept in mind. Here are some pictures to share… :)

the ever sexy & bubbly, witty & pretty, one of my idols –> Phoebe :)

the bday girl Glorie, yup ’twas her bday last night too! double celebration ;)

thing in common - we like jap food

happy birthday! heheh!

promise, ma conscious ko tupad niya kay sexy kaau! :P

Madame Phoebz and Glorie, preha sexy! ;)

O diba, bongga mi! hehe! :P Seriously, thanks for the time Madame, it was really nice seeing you once again. I tell you, she’s more than what meets the eye. Very classy & intelligent yet very down to earth. I’m not sugarcoating, it’s just how i see her. :)

despidida @ da vinci

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Just a few hours ago, 8 of my colleagues left Cebu for a temporary assignment in Spain. So we had their despidida yesterday at Da Vinci pizza. Odd but only 2 of the travellers were present! hehe! Don’t care as long as we continued with the eating! LOL! :D

d pizza lovers!

macelle and pai, enchanted by ramdas! lolz!

gicareer ang pamiktyur

teray, happy ka tupad mo ni ramdas? hahaha!

mga kuma sa right side

mga kuma sa left side

mga kuma sa right side take 2

vench & lilibeth, welcome to CE department! :)

si brian patalikod epek kunuhay! goodluck sa mga tsiks sa espanya bri :P

mga kuma sa left side take 2

pai, happy pud ka tupad ni ramdas? heheh! regards sa mga wafo sa espanya ha? :D

welcome to cebu ramdas! ken look alike lagi moh? hihihi!

teray, give chance to junor oi! ;)

d early birds

aisah and her lablayf ;)

mga totso! meloy and me! hehe! :D

N.B. It is with my deepest regret that — wala ka labot sa kani nga mga pics splat! sorry! hehe :P

earn while blogging

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Hello friends!

I just found out that blogging is not only fun but also gainful. All you need to do is write an entry in your blog and then get paid. Since we all love to write, this would be a very exciting experience to look forward to…

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this is it!

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This is it! the moment of truth! valentines day nah! nyahahaha!!! I have such a loveless boring life so I have nothing to post that is rather special nor romantic. Hmmnnn so i changed my layout. See, i’m the complete opposite. Now that it’s heart’s day, i changed my previous all-heart theme to something without a heart on it. But don’t worry, i’m not that lousy - love is still in the air in my mediaplayer. Wehehehehe! :D

o di ba, i still have the valentong spirit! heheh! :D

Happy Valentines Day to everyone. Single or double, i think love is something to be celebrated not just today but everyday. Keep loving folks! :)

Here are some heartwarming (nyakkks cornik bitaw pero lingaw) textquotes i’d like to share:

“Nindot tutukan ang taong gihigugma mo
ug gi-isip nga mag-uban kamo
bibo magdamgo
bibo mangandoy
pero mas bibo kung samtang
nagtutuk ka..

nagtutuk pud sya!
ayiii! kagilok!”

“Kung naa, dedma
Kung wala, pangitaon
Kung mutan-aw, likaylikay
Kung dili, hala tutuk jud
Kung sturyahon, wala lang
Kung dili, mahaymahay

Hay gugma!
Puerteng dramaha!”

hehehehehe! bow!

If We Fall In Love

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Love’s in the air… valentine’s day is just around the corner… but not for me… this is for you my dearest crush in the state of M. ayiiiii!!! :P

If We Fall In Love
Yeng Constantino/RJ Jimenez

there will be no ordinary days for you
if there is someone who cares
like i do
you got no reason to be sad anymore
i’m always dreaded with a smile
with just one glimpse of you

you don’t have to search no more
coz i am someone who
will love you for sure


if we fall in love
maybe we’ll sing this song as one
if we fall in love
we can write a better song than this
if we fall in love
we will have this melody in our heads
if we fall in love
any where with you would be a better

you can watch sad movies in a
different light
so I’ll be right there beside you
huggin’ you so tight(oh so tight)
has from never felt so cold and empty again
coz I will keep on holding on and
won’t let go (never let you go)


feel so good when you’re around
one smile from you
make my day just so bright


Nag emote… nindot man gud ang kanta… bagay… :P

despidida @ abuhan

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Another batch of officemates will continue their plight somewhere else. So, we had another despidida (again) last Friday at Abuhan Restaurant in IT Park. Right now, turn over rate is quite big and it’s only the start of the first quarter! Another group of talented and dynamic people will be missed. Don, Fabs and Tinits, goodluck!

one by one we are vanishing! :P

first table

second table

Meloy with 2 of hardware team’s finest, Don & Fabs

the early birds

jona and me

late comers macelle, judax & alfer

us striking a pose for the last time (?)

midnite pose

we’re awed by this Korean’s sexy flawless strut :P

get lost brian! you’re blocking me!!!

these two are really annoying!!

monster at the back!

lloyd bading!! :P

way to go pose of Tinits, that’s her in brown blouse standing in between boombastic pai and sexy momma cleng

ok ok guys’ turn to strike a pose

After Abuhan, we proceeded to Mocha Blends while others went to Chowking in Mandaue Highway. (kaon ra gihapon! heheheh!)

On saturday, i attended the shower party of my friend. It was fun. Afterwhich, we went to IT Park and had some coffee and sweets in Mocha Blends. (hmmnn my third time, advertise na ni hah!).

For quite some time, I’ve been wondering where on earth the people are loafing. Am i that old not too know of the latest places where people hang out? It could not be in Mango Avenue where a comedy bar’s a hit. Ayala gets too quiet when the clock ticks past midnite. Neither it could be in BTC (Banilad Town Center) or Crossroads? My questions had been answered last December. The people are alive in IT Park/Asiatown! Mao diay! naa ra diay didto ang mga fifol! hehehe! :)

wais kidz

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When I was still a kid, i have always loved Mathematics. I didn’t have much problems then except for Trigonometry in highschool (ambot lang dili gyud ko kasabot sa sine functions), I only had a clearer understanding of it during college. But i still sucked in electromagnetics (bisan unsaon nako tuwad tuali sa akong kamot, dili gyud ko kasabot sa xyz plane!) Toinks!

I got this from a forwarded mail and found it really cute and funny! :D

di e-expand gud! mwahaha!



ahahah way klaro oi!

Mao ra tu sya… nalingaw lang ko. :D

MV Doulos

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I was very very lazy last weekend. I only wanted to just stay put and think nothing and glared the tv. One of those moments when I’m at my laziest disposition. Well, must have been because I was kind of busy last week. On Sunday, I was prompted to go out, scout for something to wear on my friend’s wedding come first week of February. I met another friend Angie in Ayala. Roamed around and found nothing interesting. We went to SM thereafter, yet I found nothing. Nothing defined as something that I like to wear. Hehe. Angie found a skirt but none available that suits her fit. We just decided to try again looking next weekend. So we went to Pier 1 instead and checked out MV Doulos. The queue of people waiting to get in the ship was like a maze- too many people. Anyhow, we managed to get inside and swamped ourselves with the plenty of observers and buyers. I was hoping to try the coffee they advertised in the flyer but I think it’s not yet open? I don’t know or maybe we just missed it out. We didn’t stay long though. We went our way back to SM since we were already hungry. Coincidently, Glorie was in SM too…

Not too eventful weekend but it helped that I wasn’t just at home sitting and sleeping and feeding my babyfats.(bilbil in short!) Nyehehe!