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It’s so hard for me to wake up early and as if it’s not annoying enough to do that when you found out that there is no water supply! All the efforts you muster just to get out of bed are put to waste because you have no choice but to just go back to sleep again because you cannot take a bath. Or you could exercise while waiting but i don’t do that. Heheh!

Surely these stainless steel barrels at drumsofsteel.com would occupy space in your bathrooms but they will come in handy for water storage in times when you run out of water. They are especially handy for households like ours who don’t own water tanks.

Before i get another bout of massive headache, i gotta snooze now and hope that when i wake up there is water i can actually use!

everything’s wired

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How convenient it is for most things today can now be bought or viewed online?

Even diagnostics health centers don’t require you to visit their facility again for your results. You just have to log on to their site and voila you got your lab results.

Gizmos and gadgets? All the more that you can buy them online. You can even shop online for rim of your mobile phones. So neat!

Now if only i can just work online at home. That would be the greatest that technology can hand me! :D

But i can just imagine how sedentary my lifestyle would be? Well, after all, matters always have two sides – the advantages and the disadvantages.


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Before the attendant from the check in counter finally handed me my boarding pass he asked me if i were pregnant. Waahhh! He said i hope i don’t mind but it’s just customary for them to ask the rather too personal question. I said no and smiled though i felt awkward.

I really need the aid of fat burners to lose weight and get rid of these unwanted fats. Must be customary for them to ask that annoying question to women whose stomachs are bulging… with fats unfortunately. :D

If i were slimmer, would they ask the same question? Hmnnn….

pink knickknack 007

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Oh so lovely. Not mine but would love to own this pendant someday. The pendant speaks Ylan soooo loudly. :P

Add this to my latest crushes. ;)

contemplative mode

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If the rainy season has started, too bad, it ain’t raining on my pocket as well. I’m so broke I’m thinking of selling my one year old pink laptop. It will be a sad thing to do since it’s my most favorite material possession to date. I can sell it and buy a cheaper one, can pick any discount laptop computers maybe and still have some extra dough from selling my laptop. But that’s probably the last thing I would do.

Ah hard times… but I am stronger than my problems I should get by soon. ;)

By the way, it’s going to be a long weekend for us. I’ll probably go for a spiritual retreat. Wanna join? :)

weather talk

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Our country is prone to weather distress, typhoons. We get typhoons all year round, in effect floods is everywhere. Countless of farms and livestock had been damaged because of the unfavorable weather.

And since because most of our houses are made of light materials such as wood and nipa, houses are swept away too especially in areas where flashfloods are present. Maybe it’s high time we consider metal building as an alternative to housing? At least they could be sturdy but considering our humid weather as well, I don’t think the majority will favor it. But if it were for safety and comfort, I guess it would be a nice try.

And speaking of weather, it’s been raining every night lately. Ahmnn I kind of don’t like it. I have a scheduled trip end of the month and I wish nothing but a sunny nice weather to come. :)

my dilemmas

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I’m listening to an old song entitled ‘let’s get physical’ and it got me thinking to actually do it. I mean you know run and exercise, anything I need to do to lose weight. Or I can just buy liporexall to put an end to my weight dilemmas.

Last week, I had to ask my sister who works in a retail store to buy me a new pair of pants. All of the pants that still fit me are all soiled and I tried to put on the rest of my pants, alas, can’t zip them! How about that?

I emptied one of my shirt boxes (storage) last weekend and half of them went to another bag I’m ready to distribute to my siblings and relatives. All because I can’t wear them anymore!

I’m just glad I got my new work uniform already so I need not worry about what to wear every day. I only have Fridays to deal with. The closest I can grab is a pair of jeans and polo shirt. Waahh! I’m kinda shabby lately. Lol! :D

latest crush

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Nice eh? Would love to have this for my birthday. Hello friends out there? Lol! :D

manic monday 06132011

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The long weekend I anticipated didn’t happen. The President didn’t move the Independence Day holiday to Monday from Sunday. I was so looking forward to another day off since I have been really busy doing household chores. And it doesn’t help that i’m having stomach upsets again. Haay.

At least the next weekend will be a long weekend again. No work this coming Friday and Monday, so neat! I don’t have plans except for another round of household chores, this time doing my laundry. Sending them to laundry shop is the easiest and simplest answer but I hate that all clothes when they came back are wrinkled so bad! I’d have to spend more time on ironing then, which I hate doing by the way.

So, this coming weekend, all I really intend to do is pig out (assuming won’t have stomach problems anymore) and sleep, sleep, sleep. Or watch movies. :)

What about you? :)

who knows?

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I just bought a local celebrity magazine that featured the story of a young promising actor who passed away last April. Untimely demise as most people would say. He was groomed to become one of the most bankable actors of his time. In fact, the day after his sudden death, he was to appear in a lot of shows and photo shoots. A couple of movies and tele series were lined up for him. His family is well off i believe even before he became an actor so i assume he had a life insurance and such. At least it won’t be that hard for the family moneywise.

But more than anything else, as i read through the article, i now feel the sympathy of his fans and family. He was such a wonderful boy. He did great with his job and yet excels in his studies. And even by his looks, i can say that he is a nice being. I can still picture him in his role as a priest in an early evening tv series. He is a loss to his fans, colleagues and definitely to his family.

What a realization. We really cannot tell what is going to happen in the next 60 minutes or 60 seconds of our lives. Only someone from up above does know.